Water Quality

The Shannon Point Marine Center has been collecting water quality data (dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, and pH) on a weekly basis since 1973. The measurements were expanded in 1990 to include chlorophyll a, phaeopigments, orthophosphate, and nitrate + nitrite. The SPMC is in the process of making the entire water quality data set available on this page. Until such a time information on the following can be obtained by contacting Horng-Yuh Lee:

Physical/Chemical data

Temperature (April 1974-present)
Dissolved oxygen (Sept 1974-present)
Salinity (April 1974-present)
pH (April 1974-Dec 2001; Sept 2008-present)
Turbidity (April 1974-March 1992)
Total Alkalinity (Aug 1977-March 1992)
Carbonate Alkalinity (Aug 1977-March 1992)
Carbon dioxide (July 1977-March 1992)

Pigment Data

Chlorophyll a (Jan 1991-present)
Phaeopigments (Nov 1993-present)

Nutrient Data

Nitrate + Nitrite (Jan 1991-present)
Ortho-Phosphate (Jan 1991-present)
Ammonium (Jan 1991-Aug 2000)