Summer Guide

All classes and instruction at Western will be offered remotely throughout summer quarter on our main campus, and at all centers, facilities and operations statewide. Summer quarter classes start Tuesday, June 23 and the quarter is expected to end as scheduled after final exams conclude on July 31 (for six-week sessions) and August 21 (for nine-week sessions).

Available course information can be found on ClassFinder.

Summer Session Details

Resources for a successful remote-learning experience are available at the Keep Learning website. Find a schedule for live webinars on using Zoom, Canvas and other technologies. New services established during for spring quarter will continue to be offered are being offered such as at-home licensing for the Adobe Creative Cloud as well as extended laptop checkout for students who lack computer access at home.

This page is designed to be a place where you can find help for how to get connected and have a positive learning experience. Do you have questions that aren't answered here, or ideas for support that can be addressed for the rest of campus? Email them to

Teaching and Learning

For the safety of students, Western will continue to keep vast majority of spaces on campus closed to student use, even individual student use. This includes instructional labs, studios, and practice spaces. Western’s faculty understand this fact and are taking steps, as much as they can, to provide alternative experiences that are meaningful and advance your learning and career goals.

Grading Policies

With input from the Faculty Senate and the Associated Students, and with the approval of the Provost, the University will continue during Summer Session and Summer Quarter 2020 to use the Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading system for all undergraduate students, with the student option of requesting letter grades at the quarter’s conclusion.

Requesting letter grades:

Faculty will maintain rank grading (ABCDF) records during Summer, but the default reporting of grades for undergraduate students will be to receive either a P or a NP. Students will have until 07/24/2020, to request their letter grade be reported to their transcript, rather than their P/NP grade. Students may be advised to request their letter grade if required for accreditation or other purposes.

The handling of D grades and F grades:

For undergraduate students in Summer Session and Summer Quarter 2020, all grades of D+ and above will receive a P unless a student requests their letter grade. A grade of D or D- will be recorded as a NP, which will not earn credits or be reflected in the GPA. A student may elect to have a D or D- reported to their transcript, which will earn credits and be reflected in the GPA. A grade of F will be recorded as NP on the transcript, will not receive degree credit, and will not be reflected in the GPA. Departments requesting a different minimum grade for credit may petition their Dean and will announce the course grade rubric before the start of classes. This policy has no bearing on courses graded S/U.


A grade of P during summer 2020 will count towards curricular, major, continuation, and graduation requirements.


The coronavirus pandemic led the university to shift to remote learning in spring of 2020, a modality that was new for many faculty and students. These uncharted learning conditions, coupled with the current social and economic instability our students are experiencing, will make Summer 2020 another challenging quarter. This policy offers a simple and consistent approach to assessment which should alleviate student anxiety and encourage a focus on learning.

During all quarters in which P/NP interim grading policies are in effect at the undergraduate level, the following policy will apply to graduate level courses, beginning Summer 2020.

PDF icon Graduate School Interim Grading Policy

Policy Highlights
  • Graduate students may choose P/NP grading for courses that are normally A-F letter-graded, excluding thesis courses. Courses graded S/U cannot be changed to P/NP.
  • Students who request P/NP must initiate the grade mode change two weeks prior to the end of the quarter, or one week prior to the end of summer quarter.
  • A minimum C- equivalent is required to receive a P grade. Programs may specify a higher passing grade, and must communicate that to students by the first day of the course.
  • Beginning Summer 2020, a maximum of 6 credits of P grades may be counted toward degree requirements. All spring 2020 P grades may apply to degree requirements, and do not count against the 6 maximum.

See the full policy in the PDF for further details.

Yes. With input from the Faculty Senate and the Associated Students, and with the approval of the Provost, the University will – with the modifications described in the link below – return for Fall Quarter 2020 to the standard and published grading policy. This temporary policy has no bearing on courses graded S/U or on grading in the Fairhaven College, which has its own grading policy. 

Find out more here:

FAQs regarding Summer Quarter

In order to conform with Governor Inslee’s directive on limiting large gatherings during Phase II of Washington State’s Safe Start reopening plan, summer commencement is postponed until December. Just as winter commencement was combined with spring, we will do likewise with summer and fall. At this point, we are still hopeful for conditions that will enable us to host an in-person ceremony in December, but we are doing contingency planning for additional virtual ceremonies in case virus infection rates require the same safety precautions.

We deeply regret the postponement of the in-person celebration of our graduates and your achievements, and we thank you for your understanding, patience, and citizenship during this challenging time that requires all of us to be flexible, creative and responsible in a variety of new ways to defeat this pandemic challenge.

At this point, we are moving forward with planning for summer and fall commencement ceremonies in December, and it is our hope that graduates will be able to join us so that we can properly celebrate your achievements. Visit the Registrar’s Office website for ideas about celebrating your graduation accomplishments this summer and to receive updates on our planning for your commencement ceremony.

Students who do not see class information in Canvas or who have not heard from their instructors by Friday, June 19th, at 5 p.m. should send a message of inquiry to their instructor through campus e-mail.

Summer Session traditionally has a different tuition and fee structure than the rest of the academic year.

More information on Summer Session tuition and fees.

We continue to pay faculty and staff for their work, work that for many has increased dramatically as we rapidly shift to a virtual environment. At the same time, we are making existing services available online and investing in new technological capabilities as we serve students remotely.

The WWU Board of Trustees, in a unanimous vote at a special meeting held Friday, May 8, 2020, approved a set of reductions in mandatory student fees for summer quarter 2020. Here is a  breakdown of those fee reductions. 

For fees normally charged for online courses:

  • Services & Activities Fee (Normally 65.15% of academic year fee. Additional proposed decrease of $33.32 for Summer quarter; 22.8% reduction) - $14.56 to $11.26 per credit 
  • Legislative Action Fee (Decrease $1.00 for Summer quarter; 100% reduction) 
  • Sustainability, Equity, and Justice Fund Fee (Normally .90  per credit decreased  to $.70 per credit for Summer quarter; 22.2% reduction.)

 Since there will be no face-to-face courses for Summer 2020, the following fees for Summer Quarter courses in Bellingham are removed entirely.  The following fees are not billed for online Summer courses.

  • Student Recreation Fee (Normally $109.46.) 
  • Student Health Services Fee (Normally $117.)
  • Student Technology Fee (Normally $35; $17.50 for 1-5 credits.)
  • Non-Academic Building Fee (Normally $47.)
  • Student Alternative Transportation Fee (Normally $22.)
  • Multicultural Center Fee (Normally $30.)

Western Libraries buildings will remain closed to library patrons through the end of fall quarter, but the library continues to be open online and is providing online access to library services, collections, and other programs, in addition to on-site pickup and mailing of physical materials. All Western students, staff, and faculty can request, borrow, and pick up or receive by mail items from the Libraries’ collections. Summit and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) are not yet available but planned to resume in time for fall quarter.

Western Libraries also offers a wide range of online resources and services to support teaching and learning. For students, the Hacherl Research & Writing Studio is available online during posted hours of operation, and students can connect live to an online meeting, initiate a chat using Ask Us, or submit a draft paper for email response.

Additionally, the online Library Information Tutorials and resources for learning with archives and special collections materials focus on starting a research project, finding and evaluating sources (including local and unique materials), as well as drafting and revising text. These tutorials and other learning resources are available 24/7. The Tutoring Center, which primarily supports math and science GURs, also provides online and appointment-based tutoring services with a full list of the classes supported available on the Tutoring Center’s website.

Western Libraries encourages all students, parents of students, and staff, faculty, and others in the Western community to contact them with any questions about access to specific resources, services, or materials. Please see the complete directory of library personnel for more detailed contact information, and do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns. If you have general questions or are not sure who to contact, please email  

Summer 2020 course materials are available online for purchase through the Western A.S. Bookstore. Course materials are available in eBook formats in addition to traditional books. Digital alternatives are listed alongside rental and purchase options wherever they are available.

As always, purchases can be made through credit/debit cards, bookstore gift cards, or charging student accounts. Off-Campus student order fulfillment is through shipments only at this time. The bookstore will process your orders as quickly as possible but there may be some delays due to limited staffing. Please plan orders in advance.

If you have questions about your order for Summer 2020, please email


Yes, but options are limited. Find out more here:

Summer Housing COVID-19 FAQs: 

General Summer Housing Info:

Yes, it has. See this recorded Virtual Q&A for more info.

Changing your schedule?

Students who wish to make changes to their summer registration schedule must fill out the appropriate esign form, following routing instructions provided on the form.

Official School Withdrawal Esign - Use this form if you need to withdraw from all of your summer courses.

Registration Course Changes Request - Use this form if you need to add or drop summer courses.

If you have questions, please email us at or call during business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm,360-650-3432