Supervisor Attestation Frequently Asked Questions

As site supervisor, how will I know if everyone has completed the attestation form?

Supervisors will be able to pull a query to verify who has attested each day.

Site supervisors may screen student entrants to the building by checking their badge. They can scan the QR code on the badge which contains the student’s W#.

Will supervisors be alerted if one of their employees checked “yes” to any of the questions?

No, the supervisor is responsible for checking each morning to make sure everyone that is on-site has attested.

If supervisors are not working on a given day, what will the process be? 

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure the attestations are completed. Supervisors should identify a back-up in case they are not available.

Do supervisors need to check the attestation forms daily? And if yes, do they need to be checked prior to the employee working – to ensure they answered correctly?

Supervisors are required to confirm their employees attested; employees are required to not report to work and call their supervisor if they have any of the symptoms.

The attestation report is not showing all my employees.

If you are having technical difficulties with the application, please contact Heidi Ling.

If my employees are refusing to complete the daily attestation form, what do I do?

Call your HR Consultant.