Teaching Handbook

Improving Tests

  • 10 Examples of Question Improvements, Center for Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida
  • How to Write Better Tests, Indiana University. General handbook, ranging from planning to formatting in first
    few pages.
  • Improving Essay Tests, William E. Cashin, Kansas State University. Comprehensive look at the essay test, including different types, their strengths and limitations, and how to properly construct one.
  • Improving Multiple-Choice Tests, Victoria L. Clegg & William E. Cashin, Kansas State University. In-depth look at how to create and improve multiple choice questions, including dozens of recommendations for a professor to keep in mind.
  • Improving Validity of Large-scale Tests: Universal Design and Student Performance, Christopher J. Johnstone, National Center on Educational Outcomes. Lots of information 1/4 down the page related to the seven elements of UDL, including a table on characteristics of legible type. Tested with K12 students, but relevant nonetheless.
  • Improving Your Test Questions, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. When to pick Objective vs. Subjective, how to write strong questions, and ways assess test item quality.
  • Validity and Reliability, Bruce A. Craig, Purdue University. Document with definitions of various types of test validity and reliability.

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