Faculty Peer Review

General Resources

  • Peer Reviews, Fox School of Business, Temple University. Overview of evaluation procedures and assessment criteria, including review form.
  • The Peer Collaboration and Review of Teaching, Pat Hutchings, American Association for Higher Education. Article about the importance of peer review, with numerous examples and anecdotal evidence of how it works.
  • Peer Observation and Assessment of Teaching, Instructional Support Services, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Peer Reviews of Teaching: A Best Practices Guide, California State University, Northridge. How to plan and prepare for a peer review, how to best begin one, key things to look for in a class syllabus, and what to look for in a class visit as a peer reviewer.
  • Twelve Tips for Peer Observation of Teaching, Zarrin Seema Siddiqui, Diana Jonas-Dwyer & Sandra E. Carr, University of Western Australia. Research article with 12 strategies to use when using peer review in the college setting - framed through medical education, but not strongly related to content.

Online Course Resources