Teaching Handbook


  • Faculty Mentoring: 10 Best Program Practices, 10 Best Mentoring Practices, & Some Guidelines for Department Chairs, Advance Program, University of Rhode Island. Three sets of tips to keep in mind in a mentorship program, including overall best practices for any mentorship program and things specifically for mentors to keep in mind to be effective.
  • Faculty Mentoring Program, University of California, San Diego. Lots of general information about mentoring programs, including a strong section on mentors, the qualities of a good one, short-term and long-term mentoring goals, and the benefits for the mentor. Also includes a list of typically asked questions to a mentor.
  • Ideas for Mentoring Activities, Office of the Provost, University of Michigan-Dearborn. Sixteen different things that mentors can do to help their mentees forge connections, become more knowledgeable, and build a stronger relationship.
  • Mentoring New Faculty: Advice to Department Chairs, Marjorie A. Olmstead, University of Washington. How to effectively help with a mentor relationship, aiming towards how a department chair can help in the process. The suggestions are broken into four basic categories.
  • Mentors Offer More than Constructive Criticism, M. Dittmann Tracey, American Psychological Association. Three things that mentors offer help with that are often overlooked or forgotten, as seen by various mentee professors.