Student Feedback

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WWU Course Evaluations

  • Course Evaluations, WWU Registrar's Office facilitates both in-class and online course evaluations and posts results (with permission) online.

Student Evaluations

  • Early Course Evaluation, Center for Teaching Excellence, Duquesne University. Three different types of surveys that can be implemented with ease early in the quarter to get a general idea of how students feel about your course.
  • Making Sense of Student Evaluations, Greg Reihman, Lehigh University. Eight suggestions for professors for how to approach student evaluations in a way that makes them more effective overall, and what key ideas to try to take away from them.
  • Sample Evaluation Questions and Topics, Learning Design and Technology, Michigan State University. Over 100 potential questions to ask students for formative feedback, all broken up in over a dozen distinct categories ranging from 'office hours' to 'course materials.'
  • Student Rating of Teaching Effectiveness, Penn State University. List of 177 items to choose from in building a student feedback form.

Non-traditional Feedback

Mid-quarter Evaluations

  • HCDE Mid-quarter Course Evaluation, University of Washington. Sample evaluation form used
    at UW.
  • Incorporating Midterm Course Evaluations, The Teaching Center, Washington University in St. Louis. Breaks evaluations into a three-step process (designing, administering, and responding) and has details on how to best complete each one. Includes sample evaluations for both lecture and seminar-style classes.
  • Midterm Formative Assessments & Surveys, Center for Online Learning, Research and Service, University of Illinois Springfield. A video from Iowa state that gives a good overview of the importance of evaluations, and the key differences between formative and
    summative assessments.

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