Teaching Handbook

Inclusive Teaching Toolkit

How to create an inclusive atmosphere in the classroom and teaching resources.
See also: Innovative Teaching Showcase: Engaging Social Justice

Prepare - Getting Ready for Inclusive & Multicultural Teaching

Approaches to Inclusive & Multicultural Teaching
Challenging Assumptions about Students and Self
Power Dynamics
Self Examination
Cultural Awareness
Social Justice Focus

Understand - Getting to Know Your Students

Connecting with Students
Welcoming Differences
Age & Returning/Adult Students
Ethnicity (see Race & Ethnicity below)
First-Generation Students
First-Year Students
Gender and Sexuality
International Students (also see Non-Native Speakers)
Learning Ability Differences
Mental Health
Non-Native Speakers of English
Race & Ethnicity
Religion & Politics
Socio-Economic Class
STEM-Related Fields
Undocumented Students

Design - Designing Inclusive Courses

Curricular Choices
Designing Content that Represents and Includes Diverse Perspectives
Syllabus Statements
Standards for Discourse and Participation
Special Statements
Religious and Cultural Holidays
Universal Design for Instruction

Teach - Curricular Materials & Activities

Classroom Management
Bias and Stereotyping
Equity & Diversity
Exporing Cultural Difference
Gender & Sexuality
Power & Privilege
Curricular examples from the Innovative Teaching Showcase
Infusing Multicultural Perspectives into the Curriculum, 2014-2015 Innovative Teaching Showcase Theme, introduction written by Dr. Karen B. McLean Dade, Woodring College of Education, WWU
Teaching for Tolerance, 2010-2011 Innovative Teaching Showcase Theme, Introduction written by Dr. Jeff King, Director, Center for Cross-Cultural Research, Department of Psychology, WWU


Both CIIA and CEED have books available for check-out at WWU; also catalogued in Western Libraries. See also Journal of Educational Controversy in Western Cedar.

Multicultural Education
Social Justice
Texts & Readers



Cultural Issues in Education
  • Milem, J.F., Chang, M.J., & Antonio, A.L. 2005. "Making Diversity Work on Campus: A Research-Based Perspective," Making Excellence Inclusive, AACU.
  • Tuck, Eve, and k. Wayne Yang, 2012. "Decolonization is Not a Metaphor," Decolonization:  Indigeneity, Education & Society, 1(1),  1-40.
Equity Literacy
Racism, Power & Privilege
Teaching Diversity


Inclusive Teaching Overview

Videos providing an overview of inclusive teaching and teacher experiences.

Designing Inclusive Courses
Student Perspectives

Student voices sharing details about how educators can support students using inclusive teaching practices.

TED Talks

TED Talks about various topics in inclusive teaching.


WWU Resources

Accessibility and Inclusion Resources
Associated Students
Centers and Offices