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Active Learning Approaches

Active LearningCase-based Teaching | Debates, Role-Plays and Simulations | Problem-based Learning | Project-based Learning

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Active Learning

  • Active Learning/Activity-Based Learning Website, Harvard University.
  • Active Learning, Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University
  • Active Learning, Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Active Learning, Everett Community College
  • Activity Information, List of several active learning ideas with at-a-glance descriptions, examples, and supporting research. Includes case study, concept maps, discussions, games, jigsaw, think-pair-share, role play, and more. ABL Connect, Harvard University.
  • Focusing on Active, Meaningful Learning, Dr. Ann Stalheim-Smith, Idea Paper 34, The Idea Center
  • Instructional Strategies - Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning, University of Central Florida. List of examples of different teaching methods for use in classroom, including active-learning, case-based learning, collaborative learning, and interactive teaching. Includes a large section about halfway down the page covering various tips for active lectures.
  • Learner-Centered Instruction Promotes Student Success, The Journal. In this artile, Northface University is used as an example of how project-based learning and other learner-centered instruction has helped students succeed. The article describes multiple forms of project-based and learner-centered types of instruction.
  • Promoting Active Learning, Teaching Commons, Stanford University.
  • Also see: Lecturing Effectively for tips on making lectures more (inter)active

Case-based Teaching

Debates, Role-playing Activities & Simulations

Problem-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning