Collaborative Learning (Peer/Group Work)

Peer Learning

Peer Teaching (learning) involves student learning from and with each other in ways which are mutually beneficial and involve sharing knowledge, experience and ideas between participants.

—David Boud, et al., Peer Learning in Higher Education:
Learning from and with Each Other
, 2001

Confessions of a Converted Lecturer: Eric Mazur - (5 min.) Eric Mazur describes his well-renowned approach to peer learning that includes a flipped classroom and the use of Student Response Systems.

Collabroation and Cooperative Learning

Building Group Skills

Working in Groups

Tools and Technology to Facilitate Collaborative Learning

  • CATME - research-based tool for assigning teams and assessing performance on group projects
  • Canvas Guides for Creating Groups - How to Documents on creating groups in Canvas
  • Padlet - an online bulletin board tool for sharing content (images, videos, documents, text, etc.) See also these examples of education related padlets.
  • Discussion Forums - ideas from Innovative Teaching Showcase 2014: Blended Learning.
  • GoogleDocs - explanation with ideas for ways to use Google Docs, Innovative Teaching Showcase 2014: Blended Learning.
  • Wikis - explanation with ideas and sample assignments, Innovative Teaching Showcase 2014: Blended Learning.

Resources for Students

Rubrics for Collaborative Work

Relevant Books

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