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General Tips

  • Effective Lecture Techniques, Teaching Commons, DePaul University. Both strategies and resources that can be useful for the average professor.
  • Eight Hot Tips for Lively Lectures, Barbara Wood, UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Taken from studies and research into the communication style of successful teachers.
  • Guided Notes, The K. Patricia Cross Academy, the instructor provides a set of partial notes that students complete during the lecture, focusing their attention on key points.
  • Preparing a Lecture, Yale Teaching Center. How to limit a lecture down and best way to structure them. Numerous links as well.
  • Student Complaints about Lectures, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of California Berkeley.
  • Support a Statement, The K. Patricia Cross Academy.
  • Teaching with Lectures, The Teaching Center, Washington University in St. Louis.
  • Teaching Methods and Strategies, Instructor Guide to Teaching and Learning at Brock University. Clear overview of advantages & disadvantages of lecture with suggestions for success.

Active Lectures

  • Teaching Methods - Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning, University of Central Florida. List of examples of different teaching methods for use in classroom, including active-learning, case-based learning, collaborative learning, and interactive teaching. Includes a large section about halfway down the page covering various tips for active lectures.
  • Ten Ways to Make Lectures More Dynamic - BBC Active. A variety of ways to make lectures more interesting to the average student, ranging from introducing technology to how you choose to start and complete a lecture.
  • Getting Active in the Large Lecture - Juan Carlos Huerta, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Research article about the importance of active learning in large, lecture-style classes - includes a few different methods to use on pages 240-242 (pages 4-6 on the PDF)

Lecturing to Large Classes

Presentation & Technology

  • Presentation Software - University of Texas at Austin. When/why to use a presentation, what information should be included, tips for student-friendly design, and common pitfalls.
  • Using Asynchronous Audio Feedback to Enhance Teaching Presence and Students' Sense of Community - Phillip Ice, Reagan Curtis, Perry Phillips, and John Wells. Research article arguing that the use of audio comments in response to assignments in an online class increase the overall sense of community and connection with the teacher.
  • Using Audio Feedback to Promote Teaching Presence - Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center, Northern Illinois University. Covers why audio feedback should be preferred by professors, how it helps create a stronger teacher presence, and different ways to implement it on digitally submitted assignments.

Lecture Capture

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