Campus Technology

Western Technologies

Western is proud to host modern technologies supporting both academic and co-curricular activities. Accessible computer labs, laptop checkouts, cloud-based storage and communication tools are all in common use. Advanced scientific instrumentation, prototyping and design systems, as well as creative tools for media production are available in many courses.

a set of high end video cameras and lights point towards a green screen

Media Production

Students may borrow a variety of field equipment including professional-grade cameras, lenses and camera accessories such as a gimbal stabilizer. The Digital Media Center is a multi-camera TV studio with a green screen and cyclorama wall available to both classes and individual students.

A person with short hair piles sand into hills in a sandbox. Topographical lines indicate different elevations of sand hills.

New Technologies

The University’s Student Technology Fee is used to keep labs, laptops and other student equipment up-to-date. This fund is also used to provide leading-edge tools for student instruction and research such as an Augmented Reality sandbox in the Geology program.

A hand holding a stylus interacting with a screen. The pen touches an onscreen 'processing' button to edit the text of a presentation slide.

Collaborate with Peers and Faculty

Resources such as Office 365, Google Docs and Canvas provide opportunities for online collaboration while collaborative smartboards are available for teamwork in the Library.

A sample portfolio site, with the words 'React, Research, Execute!' at the top. Portfolio showcases public art pieces with related articles.

Build an Online Portfolio

WordPress at Western is a platform available to all students to create their own websites. Classes to learn how to use WordPress are available through the Student Technology Center.

An STC student worker passes a laptop to a smiling student, while a third student looks on.

Student Technology Center

Our Student Technology Center assists all students with software skill development and provides scanning, large-format printing, as well as 3D printing services. New services include a Virtual Reality Lab and workshops in robotics and home automation.

Part of a keyboard with the return key highlighted in blue

Technology within Programs

Many programs at Western provide direct hands-on experience with leading technologies. The Industrial Technology-Vehicle Design program engages students in prototyping vehicles in the automotive, aerospace, and marine industries. Students in the sciences may perform analyses with equipment such as scanning electron microscopes or mass spectrometers. Our Computer Science department hosts many active clubs in robotics, AI and game design.