WWU Student Transportation Fee

The Alternative Transportation Fee was implemented in 2007 after a favorable vote of the student body, and approval of the A.S. Board and the WWU Board of Trustees. The purpose of the Fee is to support a transportation program for the benefit of students.

The Transportation Fee is voted on by the student body at least every 5 years. The next student vote will take place no later than April 2022.

The $27.50 Fee provides students with the following benefits:

  • A reduced fare WTA student bus pass.
  • Late night Student Shuttle service.
  • Assistance with local trip planning.
  • A Student Alternative Transportation Coordinator.
  • A reduced Transportation Fee during the summer when the Late Night Shuttle service is not operating ($22).


Where does the money go?

Chart of Alternative Transportation Fee Expenses


Program Oversight:

Program funds are overseen by the Alternative Transportation Fee Committee which is comprised of a majority of students (AS Officers, Alternative Transportation Coordinator, students-at-large) and WWU administrative staff.


Who is assessed the fee?

WWU students taking six or more credits are assessed a mandatory Alternative Transportation Fee of $27.50 per quarter. The fee is applied quarterly with other university fees and tuition.

Students taking 1-5 credits, graduate students, and summer student employees may request the fee and have a bus pass.


Refund Policy:

A refund of the optional Transportation Fee will be granted, if requested within 1 week of the first day of class, or, 1 week of the origianl request, whichever is later.


The Alternative Transportation Fee wording as most recently approved by students April 2017:

Shall all Western Washington University students taking six or more credits on the Bellingham Campus be assessed an Alternative Transportation Fee of up to $26.25 per quarter with the following conditions:

  • A Whatcom Transportation Authority bus pass for every fee paying student.
  • A late night student transportation service that would run after WTA service ends. At a minimum this would serve the general campus area.
  • If late night service is not offered during summer quarter, students taking summer quarter classes will be charged a reduced fee (currently $21).
  • Fee increases will be limited to a maximum of 5% per year, upon authorization by the Associated Students Board of Directors, increases of more than 5% must be approved by the students through a vote.
  • The Fee will be for a maximum 5-year term, beginning in Fall 2017 and end by Fall 2022, subject to a student vote for renewal.


NOTE: The Transportation Fee was increased 5% for Fall 2019, $27.50 for academic quarters, and $22 for summer.

Page Updated 08.27.2019