Student Bus Pass

How does it work?

  • The Western ID card works as a Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) bus pass, and provides unlimited rides on all WTA bus routes.
  • Swipe the ID card through the fare box when boarding the bus.
  • The bus pass is paid for by the Alternative Transportation Fee and works any quarter the Transportation Fee is on the student account.
  • The bus pass works during Intersession, and a 2 week grace period into the next quarter, before terminating for lack of a current quarter fee. For most full-time students, the bus pass works seamlessly from quarter to quarter.


Who can have a student bus pass?

  • Undergraduates registered for at least 1 credit.
  • Graduate Students, regardless of class registration.
  • Summer Quarter WWU Student Employees.


About the Transportation Fee - how registration affects the bus pass:

  • Students taking 6 or more credits have a quarterly Transportation Fee automatically placed on their student account with registration, along with other univesity fees and tuition.
  • Note: Extended Ed, Online, Independent Study and Study Abroad credits are not used to assess university fees, so, students taking these credits may have more than 6 credits overall, but may not be assessed the university fees (including the Transportation Fee)
  • University Fees that are placed automatically with registration, are also removed automatically if a student drops below 6 credits for the quarter. (remember, the bus pass works when a fee is on the student account)


What if the Transportation Fee is not placed with registration?

  • Students can request the fee: If they meet the criteria above, they can contact the Transportation office to request the Fee (Western ID number is required).
  • The Western Card Office can also provide walk-in assistance to students who wish to add the Transportation Fee to their account.


Is the Transportation Fee Refundable?

  • Fees placed automatically with registration are not refundable.
  • A Transportation Fee placed manually by the Western Card or Transportation Office is refundable as follows: "A refund of the optional Alternative Transportation Fee will be granted if requested within 1 week of the first day of class, or, 1 week of the original request, whichever is later."


What if the ID card doesn't work in the fare box on the bus?

  • Email (include your Western ID number), call 360-650-7960, or go to the Western Card Office for assistance.


What if a student isn't taking classes for a quarter?

  • The WTA bus pass is available online at or at the downtown Bellingham station on Railroad Ave. 360-676-7433.




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