Enrollment & Student Services

Nakama 31: Befriending your Best Self
Friday, September 6, 2019
Western Washington University, Carver Academic Facility (starting in Carver Gymnasium)

Committee Members

Nakama, the annual conference for the division of Enrollment and Student Services, has been taking place since 1989. As our “circle of friends” comes together for our 31st gathering, we use this day as an opportunity to continue to cultivate relationships across our departments, to learn from one another, and to reflect on our shared experiences and values. We have spent thousands of hours engaging with our students and in our work, but today is a day for each of us to rejuvenate, acknowledge, and reconnect with our best self. In particular, we encourage each of you to dedicate your day towards self-care and reflection as to why we do what we do on a daily basis, to engage in the spaces and places of our campus, and to learn from each other how you engage personally and/or professionally in the work of being your best self.

Images from NAKAMA 2018
images from NAKAMA 2018 by Lisa Megard