Academic Technology & User Services

John Farquhar, Director of Academic Technology & User Services (ATUS)

John Farquhar
Director, ATUS

The Teaching, Learning & Technology unit provides services and support to faculty and students in the context of advancing their academic goals. This unit:

  • maintains classroom technology
  • provides equipment loans, produces digital media
  • delivers workshops to students and faculty
  • sponsors faculty-development opportunities
  • provides tier-2 support for Canvas and other learning applications
  • operates the Student Technology Center

Desktop Support Services provides support to students and staff with their desktop computing needs. To support hundreds of students, faculty and staff, this unit:

  • operates the centralized Help Desk
  • provides software licensing and distribution services
  • manages computer labs, hardware support and desktop maintenance

In support of the two units—Teaching, Learning & Technology, and Desktop Support Services—ATUS operates the following offices:

  • Help Desk
  • Desktop Support
  • Computer Lab Services
  • Software Services
  • Computer Accounts
  • SharePoint Administration
  • Classroom Services
  • Learning Systems
  • The Center of Instructional Innovation
  • Video Services
  • The Digital Media Center, and
  • The Student Technology Center

For more information, see the ATUS Website.