Status: active

Wireless Network Connection Issues Resolved

11/1/19, 1:30PM, UPDATE:

This issue has been resolved and the WWUwireless and WWUwireless-Guest networks are operating normally again.

10/31/19, 3:30 PM, UPDATE:

Staff are still working to resolve the issue with WWUwireless and WWUwireless-Guest. Some browsers and devices are able to connect. For those that are not, we recommend connecting to WWUwireless-Secure. If a guest/visitor needs wireless access, a student or staff member can create a temporary guest account for them that will work with WWUwireless-Secure:

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10/31/19, 11:50 AM:

Multiple users are experiencing issues trying to connect to WWUwireless and WWUwireless-Guest. A solution is being implemented, but there will be brief intermittent outages that will also affect WWUwireless-Secure until 1:00 PM.

Severity: major