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Spring 2019 Classes: Tuesday April 2nd - Friday June 14th


* Registration is now OPEN for Spring Term 2019

What's New?!

  • BADMINTON on Thursdays @ the SRC Court C is FREE with Rec Center membership!
  • FRIDAY SPIN with our NEW instructor, Jeanine! What better way to end your week with Jeanine's fun, energetic class that will make you sweat and put smile on your face going into the weekend!
  • MEDITATION is back on Mondays with Ronna! Take some time for self-care to enhance wellbeing!

Check it out:


SPRING 2019 class schedule: Tuesday 4/2/19 - Friday 6/14/19

  • All classes run during the Noon-1pm hour

NOTE: Badminton (Th) and Noon-Ball (M, W, F) are Wellness program offerings

FREE with Rec Center Membership


Program Mission & Vision:

Our mission is to create a supportive environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle encompassing all dimensions of wellness. We are committed to educating, facilitating, and supporting decisions and actions of wellness by Western employees.

We specialize in making it a priority to get employees moving during their lunch breaks!  We have an extensive lunchtime program dedicated to having “something for everyone” to get you away from your desk!

Check out our Factulty & Staff Wellness Program video to see the program in action!

Are you just starting to exercise, but need help on what to do next? Do you have nutrition related questions or concerns? Need help striking that work life balance? Sign up for our free Confidential Nutrition & Wellness Consultation!

Do you have a great idea for the Faculty & Staff Wellness Program? We want it!

Additional WWU Employee Resources:

A Wise and Well U

  • First Step Program: Do you feel like all of the programs offered are too advanced? If you have been looking for a way to ease into exercise with an individualized and controlled environment, then you may be a perfect fit for First Step! This program provides five FREE meetings with a Certified Personal Trainer who will help you meet individualized movement goals and overcome barriers to starting and continuing a movement program. First Step takes a weight neutral approach to exercise, the focus is on healthy and sustainable movement.

  • There is a new Stay at Work/Return to Work web page that is dedicated to providing resources for those employees needing help to stay at work, or make the transition back to work when injury or illness disrupts their lives. The FSWP is proud to be partnering with this program.
  • Improve your productivity & health: Take a 5-minute break and try out some "Deskercises
  • Check out and contribute to these pages:  Western Employees in Action & Testimonials
  • Free Nutrition Seminar Series with Registered Dietitian Sarah Richey: Watch it online now!

Faculty & Staff Wellness Program Awards & Honors:
  • The Faculty & Staff Wellness Program is proud to be the WINNER of the Zo8 Award from Washington Wellness.
  • The Faculty & Staff Wellness Program is proud to be the WINNER of Seattle Business Magazine's Leaders in Health Care Award for Achievement in Wellness Programs:

L to R: Rich Van Den Hul, Kaylee Lovelady, Chyerl Wolfe-Lee & Heather Flaherty at the Awards Event in Seattle.


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