Western Institute for Social Research 

Department of Psychology 
Western Washington University 
Bellingham, WA 98225-9089

Affiliated Researchers

Jennifer Devenport, Ph.D. Deborah Kirby Forgays, Ph.D.
Kristi Lemm, Ph.D. David N. Sattler, Ph.D.
  Joseph E. Trimble, Ph.D.

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Department of Psychology

Jennifer Devenport, Ph.D.

email: Jennifer.Devenport@wwu.edu

Dr. Devenport's primary area of research involves applying social psychological theories to the study of individuals in a legal context. Her research examines the effectiveness of legal safeguards (i.e., cross-examination, expert psychological testimony, judicial motions to suppress eyewitness identifications, presence-of-counsel at post-indictment lineups) designed to protect defendants from erroneous convictions resulting from mistaken eyewitness identifications.

Deborah Kirby Forgays, Ph.D. 

email: forgays@cc.wwu.edu 

Dr. Forgay's research examines:

  • how girls and women develop their anger expression style

  • developmental differences in women's anger

  • the influence of mothers on their daughters' aggression

Kristi Lemm, Ph.D.

email: Kristi.Lemm@wwu.edu

Dr. Lemm's research primarily involves implicit, or unconscious, beliefs and attitudes, particularly implicit prejudice. Her current work focuses on implicit bias related to gender and sexual orientation as well as implicit gender identity.

David N. Sattler, Ph.D.

email: David.Sattler@wwu.edu; website

Dr. Sattler's research interests include:

  • understanding psychological distress and other responses following disasters (e.g., earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks), improving aid and intervention programs following disasters worldwide, and developing ways to promote preparedness for natural disasters

  • examining behavior in situations where individual and collective interests are in conflict (i.e., social dilemmas), and factors influencing cooperative behavior

  • environmental issues

Joseph E. Trimble, Ph.D. 

email: trimble@cc.wwu.edu

Dr. Trimble's research interests include:

  • studies of the etiology, epidemiology, and prevention of alcohol and drug use among American Indians and Alaska Natives

  • ethnic identification, acculturation, and adaptation to problematic life events across cultural and ethnic groups using Rasch and latent structure modeling techniques.

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