2011-2013 Capital Projects

In October 2009, the University began development of its 2011-13 Capital requests and 2011-2021 Capital Plan. 

Approximately 240 requests were submitted by individuals and forwarded to their supervisor, chair, or director for consideration and recommendation on to Planning Unit Leaders. Those requests can be viewed:

Planning Unit Leaders considered the requests and made their recommendations to their respective Vice President. The Vice Presidents considered the requests and the recommendations of the Planning Unit Leaders in developing an initial draft 2011-2021 Capital Plan and 2011-13 Minor Works List. This plan and list was shared with the University Planning and Resources Council (UPRC), a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, at audiocast meetings during February and March 2010. The draft plan was presented for comment to the Board of Trustees in April 2010.

Based upon input from the campus, the President recommended, and the Board of Trustees approved at their June 2010 meeting, the 2011-2021 Capital Plan

The funding levels in the 2011-2013 minor works portion of the plan coincide with the 2011-2013 Minor Works List

In late summer 2010, information regarding our ten-year capital plan and minor works list (see Capital Budget Services) were submitted to both the Office of Financial Management (OFM) and the Higher Education Coordinating Board (HECB). That information has been evaluated with the following recommendations:

Taking into account the OFM scorings, HECB recommendations, available revenue, anticipated debt capacity and other relevant information, the Governor has proposed the following:

Legislation was passed during the 2011 session and the Governor has signed the budget bills. Facilities Development and Facilities Management are currently in the process of developing an implementation schedule for the projects which will be posted soon on this site.

The 2011-13 Capital Plan with the enacted budget for 2011-13 is available here.

The State-funded 2011-13 Minor Works list now available.

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