In the Summer of 2011, the University and its Planning Unit Leaders began reviewing the previous ten-year capital plan major and intermediate sized projects to determine what projects should be retained and what new ones should be added. During the Fall 2011, the Vice Presidents presented initial thoughts to the University’s Planning and Resources Council. The council gathered comments from its members and held several open forums; comments were shared with the Vice Presidents. Over the course of the Spring 2012, the ten-year plan was refined and reconsidered by UPRC. The new ten-year plan was ultimately approved by the Board of Trustees at their June 2012 meeting.

Concurrently, in the Fall of 2011, a bottom up preservation and programmatic minor works request process was initiated. The minor works requests were reviewed and approved by the Planning Unit Leaders, presented and reviewed with comments by UPRC, and adopted by the Vice Presidents; the Board of Trustees then approved the minor works line items as part of the universty's ten-year plan.

   2013-2023 Capital Plan (Final, Posted 10-3-12)

   2013-2015 Programmatic Minor Works (Final)

   2013-2015 Preservation Minor Works (Final)

2013-2015 Sorted Request Forms


The 2013-2015 capital planning process culminated with Board of Trustees' approval of the 2013-2015 Capital Budget Request and 2013-2023 Ten Year Capital Plan at the Board of Trustees June meeting.

Links to these submittals can be found on the CB Services page

As part of the State's Higher Education Capital Budget request process, Western submitted separate proposals for all Major (>$5M) and Intermediate (>$2M and <$5M) projects being requested in the 2013-2015 Capital Budget Request. These proposals were scored by evaluation panels and the State Office of Financial Management (OFM) produced a final priority scored list of Higher Ed requests for gubernatorial and legislative consideration. The Governor and legislature used both the final priority list and the University's 2013-2015 Capital Budget Request submission to determine Western's capital funding for the new biennium.

   2013-2015 Higher Education Capital Projects Evaluation Panels Scoring Results (October 1, 2012)

   2013-2015 OFM SINGLE PRIORITIZED LIST (Revised to reflect final budget)

Legislation was passed during the 2013 session and the budget bill was signed by the Governor.


To review the 2013-15 Capital Budget Detail, Click here

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