Academic Instructnl Cntr East5th Floor472323Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughUpgrade Vivarium Exhaust System
Academic Instructnl Cntr WestBldg471308Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughProvide Window Screens
Administrative Services Center1st and 2nd floors476031Academic AffairsFrancis HalleAC - 32nd Street Space Optimization
Administrative Services CenterAC228471418Academic AffairsBob SchneiderCentral Machine Room Infrastructure Improvement
Administrative Services CenterBldg470975Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughUpgrade Electronic Safety System
Alumni HouseGrounds behind house471759Business & Financial AffairsGayle ShipleyHandrail on Alumni House Path
Armory472524SELECTFred RamageCFPA Armory Renovation Project Proposal
Armorynot known473171Academic AffairsCher CarnellSpace Renovation/Dance Studio
Armory Motor Pool Shed1,2, 3457091Student AffairsDanny
Arntzen Hall470513Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughUpgrade Exterior Door Hardware for Access Control
Arntzen Hall471323Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Electrical Switchgear
Arntzen Hall217, 217a, and 217b460959Academic AffairsDiane KnutsonRecarpet department office
Arntzen HallAH 223460967Academic AffairsDiane KnutsonRemodel/Renovate
Arntzen Hallall465348Business & Financial AffairsKevin ConfortiRelock Building locks and rekey Building - Safety
Arntzen HallBldg471273Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughUpgrade Electronic Safety System
Arntzen HallBldg471292Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughInterior Door Lockset Replacement
Arntzen HallBldg472087Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughExterior Renovation
Arntzen HallRestrooms471496Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Linoleum in Restrooms
Art Annex467601Academic AffairsMadge GleesonDesign Classroom and Sculpture Courtyard Enclosure
Art Annex052466707Academic AffairsPatrick McCormickCeramics Forklift Access
Art Annex152467174Academic AffairsSebastian MendesSculpture Presentation Space
Art AnnexAll480798Academic AffairsMadge GleesonArt Annex Renovation
Art AnnexPotentially all467025Academic AffairsMadge GleesonArt Annex Accessibility and Retrofits
Bellingham479706External AffairsRick BennerWaterfront Community Learning Center
Biology Building163, 247, 332, 346, 439, 464467659Academic AffairsPeter ThutBiology Environmental Room Upgrade
Biology BuildingAll467648Academic AffairsPeter ThutBiology Personnel and Building Safety and Security
Biology BuildingBI exterior plus 12 rooms467614Academic AffairsPeter ThutBiology Building Secure Access
Biology Greenhousegrounds and BI350464414Academic AffairsJeff YoungResearch and Teaching Large Equipmen Storage Facility
Birnam WoodComplex470979Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughBirnam Wood Pathway Restoration
Birnam WoodComplex480906Student AffairsWilly HartBirnam Wood Pathway Restoration
Bond Hall200463836Academic AffairsTjalling YpmaConference Room Upgrade
Bond Hall215465754Academic AffairsTjalling YpmaBond Hall 215 Mediation Upgrade to L4 Equivalency
Bond Hall4th floor463845Academic AffairsTjalling YpmaMathematics Ed Lab Remodel/Relocation
Bond Halleverwhere463849Academic AffairsTjalling YpmaBond Hall Renumbering
Bond Halleverywhere463840Academic AffairsTjalling YpmaBond Hall Clock Replacement
Bond HallSee in proposal463834Academic AffairsTjalling YpmaBond Hall Slat Blinds Replacement
Campus Services Building484604Business & Financial AffairsDave DoughtyReplace/Update Emergency Service and Public Safety Radios to Narrowband Requirements
Campus Services BuildingBldg471027Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughUpgrade Electronic Safety System
Campus Services BuildingBldg471206Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughUpgrade HVAC to improve Indoor Air Quality
Canada HouseBasement, 1st and 2nd floors472229Academic AffairsDon AlperRenovation of Canada House - New Canada House Seminar/Dialog Center
Carver Gymnasium475987Academic AffairsSue Guenter-SchlesingerCarver Gym Elevator
Carver Gymnasium120D, 120C,120B475552Student AffairsLynda goodrichTraining Room Expansion/Upgrade
Carver GymnasiumBldg472065Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughCarver Gym D Modernization
Carver GymnasiumBuilding479635Academic AffairsCharles SylvesterCarver Academic Facility Renovation
Carver GymnasiumCV 146471651Academic AffairsKathy KnutzenBiomechanics Lab Enhancement
Carver GymnasiumGym C471753Business & Financial AffairsGayle ShipleyAdd Fall Protection or Blinds to Block Sun in Carver Gym C
Carver GymnasiumHallways/CVB475557Student AffairsLynda GoodrichLighting Hallways/Gym B
Carver GymnasiumMain Hallway/Foyer475558Student AffairsLynda GoodrichHallway/Foyer Upgrade
Carver GymnasiumMens Varsity Locker Room, 120A, 119475550Student AffairsLynda GoodrichMens Locker Room/Team Room/Equipment Room/Training Room
Carver GymnasiumOld Gym471720Business & Financial AffairsGayle ShipleyUpgrade Seismic Protection in Old Carver Gym (if major renovation is not funded)
Chemistry Building594471527Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Lab Vacuum Pump and Relocate to Basement
Chemistry BuildingBldg471283Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughSeparate Emergency and Stand-By Loads on Generator
Chemistry BuildingExterior471445Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughComplete Remaining Exterior Sealing
College HallBldg470971Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughProvide Electronic Safety System
College HallBldg471287Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Clay Tile Roof
College HallBldg471338Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughComprehensive Exterior Renovation
Commissarynot known466832Academic AffairsCher CarnellSpace Renovation/Dance Studio
Commissarynot known482053Academic AffairsCher CarnellSpace Renovation/Dance Studio
Commissarynot known482055Academic AffairsCher CarnellSpace Renovation/Dance Studio
Communication Facility471728Business & Financial AffairsRick BennerSolar Shading on Communications Facility
Communication Facility383,011,012,014471333Academic AffairsBrad JohnsonCF: Move Circuits to Generator
Entire Western Campus469818Business & Financial AffairsGreg Hough/ Gayle ShipleyMiscellaneous Emergent Health, Safety, and Code projects
Entire Western Campus471186Academic AffairsFrits PonsenWireless LAN Upgrade and Expansion
Entire Western Campus471272Academic AffairsFrits PonsenReplace PBX with Internet Protocol Telephony (IPT) System
Entire Western Campus471808Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughUp-to-Date Aerial Photo and Topographic Digital Projection for all WWU Sites
Entire Western CampusTBD471864Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughExpand Central Campus Bldg Materials Storage
Environmental Studies Ctr471540Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughComprehensive Interior Renovation
Environmental Studies Ctr472074Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughHVAC Replacement
Environmental Studies Ctr123466352Academic AffairsDavid Patrick & Devon CancillaRemodel of ES123 for AMSEC
Environmental Studies Ctr213465653Academic AffairsChris SuttonMediation of classroom ES 213
Environmental Studies Ctr218465729Academic AffairsChris SuttonMediation & Cabinets for ES218
Environmental Studies Ctr223465668Academic AffairsChris SuttonBench Changes & Mediation of ES223
Environmental Studies Ctr530472109Academic AffairsBrent Carbajal or Kathy KnutzenES 530 Upgrade
Environmental Studies CtrALL465372Business & Financial AffairsKevin ConfortiRelock and Rekey Building - Safety
Environmental Studies CtrBldg471004Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughUpgrade Electronic Safety System
Environmental Studies CtrBldg471301Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughInterior Door Lockset Replacement
Environmental Studies CtrBldg471332Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Branch Panels
Environmental Studies CtrBuilding481370Academic AffairsBrad SmithRenovation of Environmental Studies Building
Environmental Studies CtrES 07471817Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughAdd Electrical Circuits
Fairhaven Collegeexterior479376Academic AffairsRoger GilmanExterior Painting of Fairhaven College
Fairhaven CollegeExterior479379SELECTCovered Outdoor Learning Space
Fairhaven CollegeFA300479374Academic AffairsRoger GilmanRenovations to FA 300 Auditorium
Fairhaven Housing/DiningFirst Floor471504Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Sanitary Waste Laterals
Fine Arts Building464389Academic AffairsGleeson.Gleeson
Fine Arts Building102464354Academic AffairsElsi Vassdal EllisUpgrade of Loading Dock
Fine Arts Building102, 125, 202, 214, 214A, 214B, 226, 240, 240E478046Academic AffairsMadge GleesonScalable Fine Arts Building Upgrade
Fine Arts Building118466748Academic AffairsSebastian MendesRemodel and update the B Gallery.
Fine Arts Building118472394Academic AffairsSarah Clark-LangagerRenovate Fine Arts 118 for Western Gallery Storage
Fine Arts Building125471447Academic AffairsMadge GleesonSPRAY BOOTH FOR FIXATIVE FI 125
Fine Arts Building202/202467142Academic AffairsGarth AmundsonPhotography Lab Renovation
Fine Arts Building214, 214A, 214B466740Academic AffairsSharron AntholtPrintmaking - Safety Upgrade
Fine Arts Building226466728Academic AffairsSeiko PurdueExhaust Mitigation and Sound Abatement: Fibers
Fine Arts Building240465048SELECTCynthia CamlinPainting Studio Plumbing
Fine Arts Building240465049SELECTCynthia CamlinPainting Studio Plumbing
Fine Arts Building240E465061Academic AffairsCynthia CamlinVentilation and Dust Collection
Fine Arts Building240E465062Academic AffairsCynthia CamlinVentilation and Dust Collection
Fine Arts BuildingBldg472175Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughComprehensive Interior Renovation
Fine Arts BuildingFI 125/213/230/240 AA 152/251/ 254467585Academic AffairsMadge GleesonClassroom Mediation: Fine Arts/Art Annex
Fine Arts BuildingRoom 122465829Academic AffairsSarah Clark-LangagerImprovement of Western Gallery Storage
Fraser Hall (Lecture Halls)475532Academic AffairsSue Guenter-SchlesingerFaser Hall Accessibility
Fraser Hall (Lecture Halls)Bldg470996Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughUpgrade Electronic Safety System
Fraser Hall (Lecture Halls)Bldg471503Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughUpgrade HVAC Systems
Fraser Hall (Lecture Halls)Bldg471508Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughComprehensive Interior Renovation
Fraser Hall (Lecture Halls)Building476408Academic AffairsFrancis HalleFraser Hall Renovation
Grounds471034Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Brick Pavers
Grounds471195Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughRenovate Retaining Wall at VU Loading Dock
Grounds471202Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughRidgeway Sidewalk Restoration
Grounds471723Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughMiscellaneous Emergent Grounds Projects
Grounds471762Business & Financial AffairsRick BennerPedestrian/Bicycle Bridge at West College Way
Grounds471861Business & Financial AffairsRick BennerCompletion of Service Road Revisions between Parks Hall/Recreation Center & Improved Service Access to Westside Upper Level of the Wade King Student Recreation Center
Grounds471866Business & Financial AffairsRick BennerPathway Lighting from Commissary Area to Birnam Wood Apartments
Grounds475981Academic AffairsSue Guenter-SchlesingerRe-sloping of East Campus Walkways
Grounds479700External AffairsRick BennerWaterfront Land Acquisition
Grounds479708Business & Financial AffairsRick BennerSouth Campus Roadway Revisions
Grounds479709Business & Financial AffairsRick BennerSouth Campus Field Revisions
GroundsCampus471770Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughResurface Existing Concrete Stairs
GroundsCampus471777Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughPhase I Outdoor Bench Seating Replacement
GroundsCampus471779Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Exterior Trash Cans
GroundsCampus472083Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Globe Lights
GroundsFairhaven471766Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughFairhaven Restoration
GroundsMain Campus471757Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughRe-pave Dilapidated Campus Roads
GroundsNorth Campus471882Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughPAC Parking Lot Drop Off Zone
GroundsNot Applicable471737Business & Financial AffairsGayle ShipleyPhase 1 of 4: Locking Access to IT and Communication Lines on Campus
GroundsNot Applicable471745Business & Financial AffairsGayle ShipleyAdd Handrail to Walk between Old Main and Edens Hall
GroundsSculptures472331Academic AffairsUpgrade Selected Outdoor Sculptures
GroundsSouth Campus471843Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughRelandscape Campus Entrance at Bill McDonald Parkway
Haggard HallBldg471438Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughRefurbish Haggard Hall Roof
Hannegan Road ResidenceBldg471415Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughDemolish Hannegan Road Residence
High Street HallBldg471408Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughDemolish High Street Hall
Humanities BldgBldg472093Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughComprehensive Modernization
Humanities BldgBuilding Renovation479672Academic AffairsMarc GeislerHumanities Building Renovation
Multiple Buildings471089Business & Financial AffairsGayle ShipleyMiscellaneous Emergent Health and Safety Funds
Multiple Buildings471277Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Selected Exterior Door Hardware
Multiple Buildings471353Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Condensate Receivers at multiple buildings
Multiple Buildings471366Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Pneumatic Controllers with DDC - Phase 1 (North)
Multiple Buildings471519Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Building Directories
Multiple BuildingsBldg471393Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughExterior Renovation at HS, CA and HR
Multiple BuildingsBldg471405Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughRetrofit T-12 Fluorescent Facility Lighting
Multiple BuildingsBldg471524Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Pneumatic Controllers with DDC - Phase 2 (Central 1)
Multiple BuildingsCampus471347Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughRestroom Finishes Renewal
Multiple BuildingsCampus472169Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughEnergy Conservation Upgrades
Multiple BuildingsN/A475121Business & Financial AffairsCarol BerryBike Shelter fabrication and installation
Multiple BuildingsNot Applicable471687Business & Financial AffairsGayle ShipleyAdd Fall Protection to Unsafe Roof Areas
Multiple BuildingsNot Applicable471702Business & Financial AffairsGayle ShipleyPhase 1 of 4: Evacuation Signage for Classrooms and Buildings
Multiple BuildingsSee attachment477104Business & Financial AffairsGayle ShipleyReplace Sink Fixtures with High Lead in Drinking Water
Multiple BuildingsTBD471488Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Window Blinds
Multiple BuildingsTBD471514Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Carpets
Multiple BuildingsTBD471850Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughImplement Recycle Pilot Program
Not Wwu Property465217Academic AffairsRachel S AndersonCostume Storage: Interior organization upgrade (Moveable**)
Old Main110 Suite473274Student AffairsDavid BrunnemerdisAbility Resources & Student Outreach Services with relocation of Tutorial Services
Old Main120, 120F471032Academic AffairsKathryn Murray (Testing Center)Testing Center glass wall installation
Old Main230473280Student AffairsDavid BrunnemerRegistrar's Office Reutilization and Consolidation
Old Main245478135Business & Financial AffairsTeresa MroczkiewiczUniversity Cashier Office
Old Main450, 470, 480476426Academic AffairsFrancis HalleReconfiguration of Academic Affairs Suite
Old Main465/435477476Academic AffairsFrancis HalleConference Room Mediation
Old MainALL465377Business & Financial AffairsKevin ConfortiRekey for Safety and Security
Old MainBldg471397Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughInterior Door Lockset Replacement
Old MainBldg471846Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReKey Old Main
Old MainBldg471887Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughRenovate Public Corridors in Old Main
Old MainBldg472068Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughOld Main Window Replacement
Old MainOM 340477622SELECTFrancis HalleOM340 Mediation & Lighting
Old MainOM 590477640SELECTFrancis HalleMediation of Old Main Solarium
Old MainOM200, 230, and 280473323Student AffairsAaron IgnacOld Main Student Services Remodels (Career Services/Registrar/Admissions)
Old MainSuite 530475535Academic AffairsFrancis HalleRevisions to Suite OM530
Old Mainvarious473457Student AffairsSherrie JeffersRelocation of the Office of Admissions
Parks Hall1floor - 5th floor464313Business & Financial AffairsKevin ConfortiRekey for Safety and Security
Parks Hall210473327Academic AffairsAngela AndreassenParks Hall Access and Safety
Parks Hall308 & 328473334Academic AffairsAngela AndreassenParks Hall 3rd Floor Conference Rooms
Parks HallAll rooms on P,1,2.3,4 floors473328Academic AffairsAngela AndreassenRekey Parks Hall
Parks HallBldg472170Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace HVAC System
Parks HallNA473324Academic AffairsAngela AndreassenParks Hall Wing
Parks HallNA473329Academic AffairsAngela AndreassenParks Hall North Stairwell Gate
Parks HallPlaza Level473346Academic AffairsAngela AndreassenParks Hall Plaza Level Deck Enclosure
Performing Arts Center466091SELECTMarcus J ToddPeriod furniture storage warehouse
Performing Arts Center466098Academic AffairsMarcus J ToddProperties and crafts lab/cleanroom
Performing Arts Center471511Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughRestroom Finishes Renewal
Performing Arts Center155469058Academic AffairsDavid FeingoldKey Card System for Concert Hall, PAC 155
Performing Arts Center16472349SELECTFred RamagePA 16 Upgrade
Performing Arts Center166, 168, 170, 178, 155 (Concert Hall), 16, 47469068Academic AffairsDavid FeingoldKey Card System for PA Labs, Classrooms and Auditorium
Performing Arts Center184, 184A-B, 187, 187C465178Academic AffairsRachel S AndersonPAC Dressing room upgrade: Wardrobe room and wall mounted costume racks
Performing Arts Center184, 187, 187C, 190, 191, 192, 199, 199A478150SELECTFred RamagePAC Mainstage/PA 199 Upgrade w/ Acoustic Isolation
Performing Arts Center199465983Academic AffairsDavid Saxton
Performing Arts Center199465989Academic AffairsMarcus Todd199 Control Booth Expansion
Performing Arts Center199466002Academic AffairsDavid SaxtonInstallation of Tension Grid 199
Performing Arts Center281 and 281A465083Academic AffairsRachel S AndersonCostume Shop: In-shop storage and fabric-dyeing update.
Performing Arts Center281, 281A, 283465230Academic AffairsRachel S AndersonCostume Shop expansion East to brick wall with second level shoe storage
Performing Arts Center281, 281A, 283465234Academic AffairsRachel S AndersonCostume Shop expansion East to brick wall w/ 2nd level costume tech classroom
Performing Arts CenterBldg471400Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughInterior Door Lockset Replacement
Performing Arts CenterBldg471421Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughExterior Renovation
Performing Arts CenterBldg472047Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughComprehensive Exterior Renovation
Performing Arts CenterN/A465235Academic AffairsRachel S AndersonThird Story Costume Studio/classroom addition
Performing Arts CenterPA 282, PA 199472389Academic AffairsFred RamagePAC Mainstage/PA 199 Upgrade w/ Acoustic Isolation
Performing Arts CenterPAC 110469074Academic AffairsDavid FeingoldPAC 110 Reconstruction
Performing Arts CenterPAC 16, PAC 47469071Academic AffairsDavid FeingoldWired Classrooms/ Retrofit
Physical PlantComplex472164Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughPhysical Plant Renovation and Expansion
Physical PlantPP Yard471859Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughConstruction Waste Recycle at Physical Plant
Physical PlantPP Yard471873Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace "Chicken Coop" with Steel Building
Physical PlantTBD471783Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughKey Security Phase 2 for Physical Plant
Ross Engineering TechnologyBldg471361Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughCorrect Ventilation Problems
Ross Engineering TechnologyBldg471381Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughComprehensive Exterior Renovation
Ross Engineering TechnologyBuilding Addition481017Academic AffairsTodd MortonRoss Engineering Technology Addition
Ross Engineering TechnologyET304,321,322,327,328,332,333,340466343Academic AffairsTodd MortonEET Program Space Modification for AMSEC/ATUS Space Swap
Ross Engineering TechnologyN/A (Outside)466568SELECTEric LeonhardtVehicle Activity Car Port/Enclosing car port
Ross Engineering TechnologyNA457882Academic AffairsSue HoidalTest
Ross Engineering TechnologyProject Yard466470SELECTNicole HoekstraEngineering Technology Project Yard - North Secure Stockroom
Ross Engineering TechnologyThird Floor, South Half466365Academic AffairsTodd MortonAdd Chiller to Third Floor South Air Handler
SELECT459100SELECTTesting Submission
SELECT464223Academic AffairsMadge Gleeson
SELECT466010Academic AffairsDavid SaxtonDesign and Drafting Studio
SELECT466057Academic AffairsMarcus J ToddGreenroom Expansion/development
SELECT466280Academic AffairsDavid SaxtonLighting Design Laboratory
SELECT469705SELECTLynda GoodrichMulti-use Field
SELECT472480SELECTFred Ramage
SELECT472763SELECTkathy murray
SELECT475988Academic AffairsSue Guenter-SchlesingerHandrail on walkway between Artzen Hall and Ross Engineering
SELECT479372SELECTMark MillerOutback Experimental Learning Site (OELS)
SELECT479704External AffairsRick BennerHuxley Relocation to Waterfront
SELECT480503SELECTRoger GilmanMedia Production Facility
SELECT480504SELECTRoger GilmanColocate Fairhaven and CFPA Departments at the Commissary
SELECTNA - New Building479370SELECTRoger GilmanFairhaven College
SELECTNew Building476875Academic AffairsFrancis Halle High Street Academic & Student Services Building
SELECTnot applicable477390Academic AffairsFrancis HalleSouth Campus Administrative Facility
SELECTVarious477243Academic AffairsFrancis HalleMediation of Departmental Classrooms & Labs
SELECTVarious481256Academic AffairsSue Guenter SchlesingerMisc. Emergent ADA Requirements
SELECTVarious Academic Buildings476086Academic AffairsFrancis HalleGeneral Use Classroom & Lab Upgrades
Shannon Point Academic Program464747Academic AffairsSteve SulkinPublic Education Experiential Learning Laboratory
Shannon Point Boat Storage464752Academic AffairsSteve SulkinExpansion of Wet Laboratory Facilities at SPMC
Shannon Point Marine Center464756Academic AffairsSteve SulkinSPMC Security Program
Shannon Point Marine Center471501Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Electrical Switchgear
Shannon Point Marine CenterBldg471385Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Roofing
Shannon Point Marine CenterGrounds471854Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughProvide Electronic Vehicle Gate
Shannon Pt Caretaker ResidenceExterior471838Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughPermanent Maintenance Storage Building at Shannon Point
SMATE (Science Lecture III)SL 220471040Academic AffairsJamie HarringtonSMATE building Dome blinds replacement
SMATE (Science Lecture III)SL 240471099Academic AffairsJamie HarringtonSL 240 Room Division
Steam Plant471483Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Building Roof Covering
TunnelNode T-4471810Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughConvert T-4 to Tunnel Workshop
Utilities471716Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughMiscellaneous Emergent Utility System projects
UtilitiesCampus471741Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughUpgrade Fire Alarm and Security Fiber Optic Switches
UtilitiesCampus471788Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughComplete Remaining Remote Utility Monitoring
UtilitiesCentral Campus471749Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughUpgrade Steam Distribution System
UtilitiesNorth Campus471746Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Water Main Near Old Main
UtilitiesNorth Campus472040Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughNorth Campus Utility Upgrade
UtilitiesRidgeway471751Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Steam Piping at Ridgeway
UtilitiesRidgeway472051Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Ridgway Steam System
Wilson Library471316Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Electrical Switchgear
Wilson Library474566Academic AffairsRick OsenOff-Site Shelving Facility
Wilson Library265,265B,265A,266,282472523Academic AffairsFred RamageWilson Library Gallery
Wilson LibraryBldg471424Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughReplace Clay Tile Roof
Wilson LibraryBldg472056Business & Financial AffairsGreg HoughComprehensive Major Systems and Exterior Renovation
Wilson LibraryBuilding475530Academic AffairsFrancis HalleWilson Library Renovation
Wilson LibraryTBD -- main floor Wilson/Haggard474602Academic AffairsRick OsenWriting Center relocation
Wilson LibraryWL 282 & HH 201474611Academic AffairsRick OsenConsolidate Library service desks