Capital Budget Services

Capital Budget Services include the development and coordination of University-level capital budget policies and procedures, such as the capital budget request, allocation and administrative processes. The professional personnel in the office represent the University to State executive and legislative staff on a wide range of Capital budget processes and policy issues related to the University. Other services include interpreting State policies and legislation related to the budget, and the development and coordination of responses made by the University to inquiries from State legislative, advisory and executive offices.

Capital Budget facilitates all capital processes, including the development of the capital request, integration with the University's Comprehensive Master Plan process, the capital allocation plan, capital expenditure control, and management of the University public works processes related to fiscal administration.

As of August 2018, Capital Budget is responsible for public works construction and consultant contract administration. This was previously performed by Contract Administration, but is now under the purview of Capital Budget.

Assistant Director of Capital Budget: Brian Ross
Phone: (360) 650-6539

Page Updated 08.29.2018
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