PW729 Elevator Preservation & ADA Upgrades

The project is intended to upgrade elevators to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and to ensure that elevators on campus remain safe and reliable. It prioritizes elevators for work based on their condition and the urgency of their maintenance needs. Work in the Chemistry Building will be completed in early November.

The west elevator in the Environmental Studies Building that serves the small partial floors, 03, 04, 05, and 6 has been scheduled for work beginning November 4, 2019. Because the elevator is the only one in the building that serves those floors, they will be ADA inaccessible for approximately fourteen weeks, through the second week in February. Facilities Development engineers have determined that the building design will not allow the installation of temporary ADA compliant accommodations to serve those areas of the building. We regret the necessity of closing those areas to ADA access, but there is real concern that postponing the upgrades until summer could result in an emergency shutdown, where no planning is possible.

No classes are scheduled in the affected areas during the fall or winter quarter, but several faculty and department offices are located on those floors. Alternative meeting spaces will be available for people needing accommodation during the shutdown.

Environmental Studies Building elevator shutdown dates:
November 4, 2019-February 14, 2020

For Faculty and Staff Accommodations, please contact:
Julie Moon, Human Resources Disability Administrator
(360) 650-3771

For Student Accommodations, please contact:
Jon McGough, Director, Disability Access Center
(360) 650-7424

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