eMarket Reports

Department users will receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports. Reports can be sent to a single person or multiple people and can be updated by the eMarket administrators at any time - all we need is an email address!


Report Formats

You are able to receive reports in the following formats:

  • Editable RTF (.rtf)
  • Microsoft Excel Formatted (.xls)
  • Microsoft Excel Unformatted (.xls)
  • Microsoft Rich Text (.rtf)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • PDF (.pdf)

Unless otherwise requested, the default format is Microsoft Excel Unformatted (.xls). 

For those sites that are receiving registration information on a daily basis, this is the recommendation for compiling your complete list of registrants:

  1. When the first report with registration information is received, save it as your master list.  (It will come with other data that you can delete if desired, like totals for the day, and report criteria details.)
  2. When your next report with registration information is received, copy the information from this report and paste it to the master report.


Once the event registrations stops or it is time for your event you will have a complete list of all your registrants.  If you feel that you might be missing a registrant, a full report can be requested from the eMarket Team.

NOTE, for sites that receive their reports on a daily basis:  You will receive these reports 7 days a week.  CASHNet’ default is business days rather than actual days.  Daily reports are set to provide you with ‘yesterday’s’ information, this means that Tuesday through Saturday you will receive reports with information on them.  The reports you receive on Sunday and Monday will never have information on them because ‘yesterday’ was not a business day.  Holidays are not business days either, so these will impact when you receive information as well.


Monday  6:30 PM Friday to 6:30 PM Monday Tuesday
Tuesday   6:30 PM Monday to 6:30 PM Tuesday  Wednesday
Wednesday   6:30 PM Tuesday to 6:30 PM Wednesday Thursday
Thursday 6:30 PM Wednesday to 6:30 PM Thursday Friday
Friday  6:30 PM Thursday to 6:30 PM Friday Saturday


Page Updated 06.19.2015