Policy List - 5000 Business and Financial Affairs

5000 BFA

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POL-U5000.02 Campus Signs

POL-U5000.03 Building Closures

5100 Vice President's Office

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POL-U5100.02 BOT Educational Comm Activites

5200 Capital Budget Office

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POL-U5200.01 Art Acquistion

5300 Fiscal Services

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5300 - Internal Control

POL-U5300.01 Safeguarding Non-Public Financial Information

5300 - Risk Management

POL-U5300.20 Bringing Children to Campus

POL-U5300.21 Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults and Reporting Concerns of Safety or Welfare

POL-U5300.22 Risk Management and Insurance

POL-U5300.23 Using Non-Owned Aircraft

POL-U5300.24 Underwater Diving

POL-U5300.25 Reporting Loss of University Funds or Property

POL-U5300.26 Using 12 and 15-Passenger Vans

5310 - Investments and Cash Management

POL-U5310.03 Receipting Endowment Funds

POL-U5310.04 Authorizing Banking and Investment Transactions

5320 - Accounting

POL-U5320.01 Applying Accounting Standards

POL-U5320.02 Managing University Financial Data

POL-U5320.03 Authorizing and Defining Financial Responsibilities

POL-U5320.04 Establishing Using Chart of Accounts

POL-U5320.05 Using Subsystems to Generate Financial Data

POL-U5320.06 Using Journal Vouchers to Generate Financial Data

POL-U5320.07 Maintaining Financial Data For Affiliated Entities

POL-U5320.08 Performing Analytical Review of University Financial Data

POL-U5320.09 Reporting Financial Information to External Entities

POL-U5320.10 Reconciling University Financial Accounts

POL-U5320.11 Managing University Tax Liability

POL-U5320.12 Creating and Maintaining Vendor Account Records

POL-U5320.13 Coordinating Financial Audits and Responding to Audit Issue

POL-U5320.14 Coordinating Exit Interviews

POL-U5320.15 Coordinating Entrance Interviews for Financial Audits

5335 - Systems

5341 - Accounts Payable

POL-U5341.01 Receiving Goods & Services

POL-U5341.02 Approving Invoices for Payment

POL-U5341.03 Distributing Payments to Payees

5345 - Mail Services

POL-U5345.01 Use of Campus Mail

5346 - Assets

POL-U5346.01 Identifying and Recording University Assets

POL-U5346.02 Disposing of University Assets

POL-U5346.03 Safeguarding University Assets

POL-U5346.04 Accounting for University Assets

POL-U5346.05 Inventorying Consumable or Retail Assets

5348 - Purchasing and Contracts

POL-U5348.01 Purchasing With University Funds

POL-U5348.03 Authorizing Purchases

POL-U5348.04 Using a Purchasing Card (PCard)

POL-U5348.05 Reviewing and Approving University Contracts

POL-U5348.06 Authorizing Contract Signature Authorities

POL-U5348.07 Managing Contracts

POL-U5348.08 Contracting for Personal Services

POL-U5348.09 Paying Honoraria

POL-U5348.10 Authorizing and Reimbursing Travel for Official University Business

POL-U5348.12 Reimbursing for Official University Business

POL-U5348.13 Purchasing Lounge Appliances

POL-U5348.15 Paying Moving Expenses

POL-U5348.16 Purchasing Food and Beverages

5351 - Cash Handling

POL-U5351.01 Billing and Receiving Payment for Tuition,Fees,Goods and Services

POL-U5351.12 Authorizing and Maintaining Petty Cash and Change Funds

POL-U5351.14 Accepting, Processing and Securing Payments Through the Internet

5352 - Billing and Collection

POL-U5352.03 Adjusting Student and General Receiveble Accounts and Refunding Credit Balances

POL-U5352.07 Requesting Funds from Federal Agencies

POL-U5352.08 Collecting on Accounts and Writing Off Debts Owed to the University

POL-U5352.09 Collecting Long Term Student Loans

POL-U5352.11 Repaying Unearned Financial Aid

5353 - University Box Office

POL-U5353.01 Selling Tickets for Performance Events

5400 Human Resources

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POL-U5400.03 Taking and Reporting Leave During Inclement Weather

POL-U5400.04 Suspending University Operations

POL-U5400.05 Using University Resources

POL-U5400.07 Determining Classification and Compensation for Classified Positions

POL-U5400.08 Conducting Background Checks

POL U5400 11 Onboarding and Verifying Employment Eligibility

POL-U5400.13 Using University Property for Political Activity

POL-U5400.17 Professional Staff Policy on Consulting and Other Outside Compensated Professional Activities

POL-U5400.18 Faculty Policy on Consulting and Other Compensated Professional Activities

POL-U5400.19 Receiving Honoraria

POL-U5400.20 Financial Disclosure Policy

POL-U5410.01 Employing Family Members And Significant Others

POL-U5410.02 Permitting Flexible Work Schedule

POL-U5410.03 Taking Family or Medical Leave

POL-U5410.04 Drug Alcohol US Dot Compliance

POL-U5410.05 Administering Work and Leave Time Reports

POL-U5410.06 Requesting and Donating Shared Leave

POL-U5410.07 Accessing and Donating to Uniformed Shared Leave Pool

POL-U5415.01 Teleworking

POL-U5420.01 Training Supervisors on HR Compliance Issues

POL-U5440.02 Administering the Western Washington University Retirement Plan

POL-U5440.03 Reviewing Professional Staff Salary Assignments

POL-U5440.06 Determining Classification and Compensation for Professional Staff Positions

5600 Public Safety

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POL-U5610.01 Issuing & Using University Keys

POL-U5615.01 Responding to Campus Violence or Threats of Violence

POL-U5620.01 Firearms Policy

POL-U5620.02 Notifying Campus Community About Sex and Kidnapping Offenders

POL-U5620.03 Parking and Traffic Regulations

POL-U5620.04 Dogs on Campus

POL-U5620.05 Using Bicycles on Campus

POL-U5620.06 Using Skateboards on Campus

POL-U5620.07 Appeals from Parking Violations

5700 Facilities Management

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POL-U5710.01 Managing Access to University Facilities

5950 Environmental Health and Safety

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POL-U5950.01 Health Safety Environmental Protection

POL-U5950.02 Confined Space

POL-U5950.03 Preparing for and Responding to University Emergencies

POL-U5950.04 Fines Arising from EHS Citations

POL-U5950.05 Lockout-Tagout for Control of Haz Energy

POL-U5950.07 Bloodborne Pathogens

POL-U5950.08 Office Fire Safety

POL-U5950.09 Waste Reduction & Recycling

POL-U5950.10 Providing Workers' Compensation and Transitional Return-to-Work

POL-U5950.12 Smoking or Using Vaporizing Devices

POL-U5950.13 Accessing Workers' Compensation Claim Information

POL-U5950.16 Managing Refrigerants

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