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Treasury Services is responsible for cash handling, credit cards, eCommerce, investments and cash management. Whether your question is "How do I take money in?" or "How do I send money out?" - Treasury Services is the first place to go.

Cash Handling

CASH – the University defines cash as currency, coin, checks, and credit and debit cards.

CASH HANDLING – the act of physically handling cash

CASH HANDLER – the individual who physically handles cas and is responsible for its safekeeping















** All Cash Handlers and Supervisors are required to take BOTH the Cash Handling and Safeguarding Non-Public Financial Information Canvas courses. Please contact Treasury Services x3720 to arrange course sign-up.

Basic rules to follow if you plan to accept money:

  1. Anyone who wants to accept money for a one-time event or recurring events must first be approved by Treasury Services.
  2. Everyone who handles cash must take the Cash Handling training and Safeguarding Non-Public Financial Information training.
  3. All deposits must be made within 24 hours of receipt.
  4. The ability to accept credit cards is a separate authorization.


Cash Handling University Policy, Procedures and Forms:

Forms for a temporary change fund and to request manual receipts must be obtained through the Student Business Office, you can pick one up Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4:30 pm or call x4530 to have a form mailed to you.

Additional Cash Handling Resources

Balancing Tips and Tricks

US Treasury

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

United States Secret Service



Treasury Services is responsible for authorizing the acceptance of credit and debit cards for payment as well as disbursing the credit card fees associated with such acceptance. There are strict guidelines on handling credit card information and heavy fines for the University if fraud happens as a result of our negligence.

Basic Guidelines for handling Credit Card transactions:

  1. Avoid taking them over the phone. The risk of fraud is greater and if they dispute the charge we have no signature to prove they authorized the transaction.
  2. Never collect, save, or send credit card information on your computer. Even when something is deleted, it is still on your computer until it is actually overwritten by something else. While the likelihood of someone hacking into your computer to obtain this information is remote, the possibility still exists. Do not leave them something to find.
  3. Never save credit card information on paper.
  4. Always treat credit card information as if it were your own – would you want to know that someone is holding onto your card number in their drawer or filing cabinet?
  5. In order to be approved to accept credit cards online, you must submit the Bankcard Authorization Form and the E-Market Request Form or the E-Commerce Authorization Form. Bob Schneider x3502 reviews all online payment options for PCI Compliance. If they are not PCI compliant, you will not be allowed to use the service.



Treasury Services strives to provide University departments with a secure and convenient way to extend their business operations to the World Wide Web. Our goal is to provide a secure environment that allows buyers and sellers to connect electronically, making it easy for students, parents, alumni, and the community to do business with Western.

HigherOne® Payment Processing (formerly CASHNet) eMarket, serves as the University’s main eCommerce service provider. The use of Payment Processing eMarket helps us to accomplish our mission by providing an eCommerce solution that is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. It is both secure and cost-effective, and allows departments to easily operate online storefronts to sell products or accept online payments. Please visit our E-Commerce site for detailed information.



Treasury Services is responsible for maintaining investments and reconciling interest received. Combined interest earnings are at about .45%

Treasury Services is responsible for Western’s bank accounts. Access to our banking portal is granted to only those with the need. Please contact Treasury Services x-3720 if you have questions on how to have money sent to us or if you have questions on how to get someone paid.

Investment and Cash Management University Policy, Procedures and Forms:

Short-Term Investment Policy for Western Washington University

Receipting Endowment Funds

Authorizing Banking and Investment


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