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An academic facility dedicated to preserving the arts, skills, and science of astronomy, and of cultural starlore.

Spanel Planetarium has installed a Digistar 5 projection system. Digistar is the world's best-selling and most advanced fulldome digital theater system. Digistar can play back the latest fulldome shows, including giant screen film transfers for amazing digital cinema experiences. Also, Digistar is all about astronomy and science. The software contains the most comprehensive set of astronomical data ever assembled, including the fully integrated Digital Universe data set from the American Museum of Natural History and NASA.

Digistar redefines what's possible in a digital planetarium with its sophisticated user interface, enhanced realtime capabilities, ultra-high resolution fulldome video playback and open architecture. With Digistar the emphasis is not on the technology but on flexible storytelling tools to customize presentations to any audience.

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Scouts, classes, dorms, clubs, office staff, birthday and other private parties. You can request that a customized presentation be added to our schedule for your private group to enjoy.

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American Indian Sky
American Indian Sky
Names American tribes used for the Big Dipper, Milky Way, Aurora, and other celestial objects.

Medicine Wheels
Medicine Wheels
Just one of the names given to structures built by natives of the American Great Plains.

American Indian Starlore
American Indian Starlore
Legends American Indian tribes have told for millenia about things in the sky.

American Indian Moons
American Indian Moons
Names American Indian tribes used to identify each of the full moons that occur during the year.

Cosmic Quotations Cosmic Quotations
A multi-cultural collection about Creation, Life, Knowlege and Reality, from around the globe and throughout history, a diversity of viewpoints about our Universe.

Astronomical utilities for mobile devices
Including mobile Sky Atlas and Messiers

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