Campus Directory

Contacting Main Campus

By Phone

(360) 650 - 3000

By Mail

Western Washington University
516 High Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

Building Abbreviations

Campus building names and IDs
Building Name ID
Academic Instructional Center AI
Academic Instructional Center West AW
Administrative Services AC
Administrative Services B AE
Alumni House AL
Armory AR
Arntzen Hall AH
Arts Annex AA
Biology BI
Biology Greenhouse BG
Birnham Wood (Residence) BW
Bond Hall BH
Bookstore BK
Buchanan Towers (Residence) BT
Campus Services CS
Canada House CA
Carver Gymnasium CV
Chemistry CB
College Hall CH
Commissary CM
Communications CF
Edens Hall (Residence) EH
Edens Hall North (Residence) EN
Environmental Studies ES
Fairhaven Administration FA
Fairhaven Complex (Residence)  FC
Fine Arts FI
Fraser Hall FR
Highland Hall (Residence) HI
Humanities HU
Haggard Hall HH
Higginson Hall (Residence) HG
High Street Hall HS
Library (Wilson Library) WL
Mathes Hall (Residence) MA
Miller Hall MH
Nash Hall (Residence) NA
Old Main OM
Parking Office CS
Parks Hall PH
Performing Arts Center PA
Physical Plant PP
University Police CS
Recreation Center SV
Recycling Center RE
Ridgeway Alpha (Residence) RA
Ridgeway Beta (Residence) RB
Ridgeway Commons (Residence) RC
Ridgeway Delta (Residence) RD
Ridgeway Gamma (Residence) RG
Ridgeway Kappa (Residence) RK
Ridgeway Omega (Residence) RO
Ridgeway Sigma (Residence) RS
Ross Engineering Technology ET
Science, Math, and Technology Education  SL
Steam Plant SP
Student Health Center CS
Viking Union VU
Vikings Commons (Dining) VC
Washington State Archives AB
Weight Training Facility WT