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What is the Transfer Equivalency Report (TER)?

Transfer Equivalency Reports (TER) are provided to students entering Western with accepted transfer credit from accredited schools or programs. The TER details previous coursework that transferred to Western, as well as Western course equivalents. This tool helps students work with their advisors to develop academic plans and prepare for registration.

How to View Your TER online

You can generate your own TER at any time by completing the following steps:

  • Log into Web4U.
  • Select Student.
  • Select Student Records.
  • Select Transfer Equivalency Report.

The TER is based on completed coursework. You can run this report at any time to determine whether additional transcripts have been received and processed. The Key at the bottom of the TER provides additional details about how your coursework may be used to satisfy General University Requirements, major or minor requirements, or prerequisites. Undergraduate students with questions about the Transfer Equivalency Report may contact:

Registrar's Office Credit Evaluators
Old Main 230
(360) 650-3430
Drop-in hours: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday-Fri

Understanding Your TER

Below you will find abbreviations and codes commonly found on a TER.

General University Requirement (GUR) Codes
  • ACOM - Communication (Block A)
  • BCOM - Communication (Block B)
  • ACGM - Comparative, Gender, & Multicultural Studies-Block A
  • BCGM - Comparative, Gender, & Multicultural Studies-Block B
  • HUM - Humanities
  • SCI - Natural Science without a lab component
  • LSCI - Natural Science with a lab component
  • QSR - Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning, satisfies the requirement in part or in full
  • SSC - Social Sciences
  • MSAT - Transfer course meets the QSR GUR in full
  • MPAR - Transfer course meets the QSR GUR in part. Satisfactory completion of one course from ANTH 335; CSCI 103, 172; ENVS 201; ENVS 221; FIN 216; MGMT 201; MATH 112; PHIL 102; or SOC 304 required to satisfy QSR requirement in full.

Additional Codes
  • UD - Transfer course applies to WWU 60 credit upper division requirement
  • NUD - Transfer course does not apply to WWU 60 credit upper division requirement
  • Grades assigned to transfer courses are preceded by a 'T' and are not calculated into Western's GPA but may be considered for major requirements. Grades preceded by a 'TX' reflect courses that exceed transfer credit limits. No credit or GUR will be granted for courses whose grade is preceded by a 'TX and these courses will not appear in the Degree Evaluation.

Credit Information

  • The number of credits earned for an accepted transfer course will be used even if the number of credits for the equivalent course at Western differs.
  • Semester credit hours are converted to quarter credit hours by multiplying by 1.5.
  • All credits earned at the lower division level will transfer as lower division credit, even if the course is equivalent in content to an upper division WWU course.
  • Western's online catalog was created Fall Quarter, 1998. Transfer coursework completed prior to that time has been evaluated as accurately as possible and will appear as if it was earned in 1998.

Equivalent Course Information

  • SUBJ 1XX (i.e. ENGL 1XX): Transfer courses that have no WWU equivalent but correspond with a WWU department/major; and may be used as electives in the major or minor, if needed
  • SUBJ 1TT (i.e. ENGL 1TT): Transfer courses that have no WWU equivalent but a) correspond with a WWU department/major; and b) may be used in the general elective area. These courses may not be used as electives in the major or minor
  • TRAN 1TT: Transfer courses that do not correspond to any one WWU department/major but may be used in the general elective area
  • DTA 1TT: Transfer credit accepted within the restrictions of the Direct Transfer Agreement (AA-DTA, 15 credits max) or Associate of Science-Transfer (AS-T, 5 credits max) degrees
  • PEND - Transfer courses pending WWU equivalency review
  • CRDT - Credit adjustment

Important Reminders

  • Students with transcripts from outside Washington State who plan to pursue a major within the College of Business & Economics should contact that College directly for an equivalency review.
  • The TER includes course-by-course equivalents for students entering Western Winter 2006 and later. The TER for any student who entered Western before Winter 2006 will reflect a summary of transfer credits accepted from each institution.
  • Transfer Equivalency Reports are preliminary until final transcripts are received. After a student confirms their intent to enroll at Western, the transferable courses on file at time of confirmation will be evaluated and entered into the system. The TER will be updated again once final transcripts are received and processed.
  • Not all transfer work has been equated to WWU classes. Credit is not awarded for non-transferable courses, including failed courses and those below the 100-level, and these courses will not appear on the TER.
  • Any elective credit that is dependent upon earning an associate degree from a Washington state community college will not be reflected in a student's TER until Western receives a transcript with the associate degree posted.

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