Enterprise Application Services (EAS) is responsible for supporting the mission critical administrative information processing needs of Western Washington University. EAS performs the following functions in supporting WWU administrative applications:

  • User consultation and project analysis to define administrative needs
  • Application system design
  • Database design
  • Application development and testing
  • Application problem identification and resolution
  • Application systems performance monitoring and tuning
  • Computer server and services monitoring and status reporting
  • Administrative systems user assistance

Primary administrative applications supported by EAS are:

  • The SunGard SCT Banner Suite of administrative applications including:
  • Student Admissions, Registration, Records, and Degree Audit
  • Human Resources including Payroll
  • Finance
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Student Financial Aid
  • Student, Faculty, Employee, and Finance Self-Service
  • Alumni
  • Housing Reservation System
  • FAMIS Facilities Management System
  • Woodring College of Education Administrative System
  • Web E-sign Forms which provides Web data entry, electronic signature, and e-mail routing to replace paper forms. More than 80,000 forms are processed each year instead of paper forms.
  • BullsEye targeted messaging provides administrators and faculty the ability to send a message via e-mail or portal announcements to a select group of individuals (all majors, a class, etc.).
  • Faculty Evaluations
  • End-user data warehouses for Student, Human Resources, Alumni, College of Education , Housing, Computer Account Management, etc.
  • MyWWU faculty/staff portal based on uPortal product

The applications supported by EAS are written using the following tools:

  • Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, Java
  • Groovy / Grails
  • VB.Net, C#.Net
  • Oracle and SQL*Server databases
  • Millenium FAST data warehouse and reporting
  • Hummingbird Bi-Query End-user query/reporting tool
  • Nolij Web imaging (all University paper transcripts have been imaged)
  • Nolij Transfer admission applicant loading

Staff consists of:

  • 2 application development managers and 9 analyst/programmers
  • 1.5 database administrators
  • 1 Esign Forms Administrator / Applications Support

The EAS Director, in addition to managing all the above functions, is responsible for the general management (of the central computer machine room).

The Director is also the individual that is primarily responsible for WWU IT Disaster Recovery / Business Resumption planning.

Page Updated 03.21.2016