Contract Administration 101

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Types of Contracts

Contract Type Description / Examples
Architecture & Engineering Facilities design and construction consulting services.
Department of Information Services (DIS) Purchased services under the authority of DIS include, but are not limited to, services acquired for equipment maintenance and repair, operation of a physical plant, security, computer hardware and software installation and maintenance, data entry, keypunch services, computer programming services and computer time-sharing.
Dues & Subscriptions Memberships, magazines, newspapers.
Grants Federal grants and other grant-related contracts.
Honorariums Example: A guest speakers is paid a nominal fee paid for voluntary services. Generally, the amount paid is intended to defray the cost of an appearance.
Inter-Agency Contracts with other State, Federal, City, or County agencies. Examples include Whatcom Community College, Port of Bellingham State Regional Archives, State Central Stores, Speech and Hearing Centers, Hospitals, Cross Cultural programs.
Internships Student education programs.
Leases Equipment, utility lines, radio transmitters.
Legal Miscellaneous Inventors, logos, gifts, bond purchases, Deparmtent of L&I
Licenses Software, radio, press association, information services.
Outdoor Activities Boat trips, field trips.
Personal Service Accounting services, counseling employees, executive recruitment, feasibility studies, fund raising, grant writing, management consulting, marketing services, organizational development, financial services, training for employees.
Purchased Goods & Purchased Services Lumber, nails, plaster board, furniture, file folders, writing pads, fork lifts, moving dollies, vending service, armored car service, elevator service.
Printing Services Printed forms, envelopes, brochures, graphic design.
Public Works New building construction, building renovation, repair.
Real Property Purchase of property/buildings, Lease of property/buildings, Rental of property/buildings, Rental/Lease of classroom space, Rental/Lease of office campus space, Rental/Lease of on campus space for events.
Surplus Used equipment and furniture.
Travel Employee travel, car rental, food, lodging, relocation/moving.
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