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If you have any questions, contact Brenda Ancheta, PCard Administrator x3561


Hot Topics
  • Why don't I receive an email that tells me I have transactions to Review and/or Approve anymore? You need to set this option up. Here's how:
    • Log into PaymentNet
    • On the Main Screen click on the My Profile icon (top right corner)
      Screen Shot
    • On the General Information table Select the "Transactions for Review" and/or "Transactions for Approval" checkbox (Available email notification options are based on your assigned role)
      Screen Shot

  • The drop down lists don't work. If you're using Internet Explorer, try clicking in the Compatibility View icon on the URL bar:
    Compatibility View

  • When I'm reviewing a transaction and change the Account, it disappears! For the new Account information to populate the field, be sure to click and select the value, if you don't, it grabs the "None" value.
    Screen Shot


  • Why can't I see some of the Account Codes I used to use? The list stops at E301. The Account Drop down list can only populate the first 100 Account Codes.(in alphabetical/numerical order) but it does have a type-ahead feature, so if you start entering an Account Code, it will zero in on the one you want.



  • Why do I see two tax boxes when I split a transaction? Which one do I use? To indicate tax was included, tic the Tax on Receipt box in the Transaction Custom Fields section of each line item. The "Taxable" check box is a PaymentNet field that Western does not utilize.
    Screen Shot

  • How can I run a query for transactions with a specific fund? You can create a query that looks for a variety of Account Code information. Under the Transactions section:
    • select query
    • in the Criteria section select Accounting Code Values in the Field drop down
    • select an operation
    • select the Chart Name (COA-US63799)
    • select the Account field (Fast Index, FOPAL, TA Number, etc.)
    • enter the specific search item

    Screen Shot

    If this is a query you will use often, you can save it and then assign it as your default query. After running the query, click on the Save Query link, name the query and click Save:
    Screen Shot

    To make it your Default Query, simply click on the link:
    Screen Shot


Western Specific Training Videos

These have information specific to Western.


Lesson Description Length
Compatibility Compatibility View 35 seconds
Reviewing Transactions Basic steps of reviewing transactions 5 minutes
Splitting a Transaction How to split a transaction 2 minutes
Grant and Foundation Related Transactions New process on how to Review Grant and Foundation transaction expenses 5 minutes
Approving Transactions Basic steps on reviewing transactions 4 minutes


PaymentNet Cardholder Training

Here are a series of self-directed training videos created by J.P.Morgan focused on the basic PaymentNet tasks.


Lesson Description Length
Introduction Introduction to training 2 minutes
Log In Log-In standards and procedures 5 minutes
User Interface Navigation and My Profile 6 minutes
Transactions I Review and allocate 11 minutes
Transactions II Authorizations/declines, and queries (Note: Western does not utilize Statements) 10 minutes
Reports Processing and downloading 5 minutes
Help Getting help in PaymentNet 4 minutes


Reference Materials


24/7 Link to PaymentNet Online Help


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic system requirements.

Operating System

Windows XP(SP2), Windows 7, Mac OS

Internet Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and up. Firefox 10 and Safari.

Note: IE is the preferred browser

Browser Settings

Configure your browser to accommodate the following:

  • Enable Javascript
  • Allow cookies
  • Turn off pop-up blocking in your browser and within any other security software on your computer


I can't log in with my temporary password.

Have you confirmed you are entering the temporary password exactly as it appears in the email?

Make sure to follow all case sensitivity. Also, double check the CAPS Lock is not on if the password provided is in lowercase.

Did you copy and paste the password from the email?

If so, re-type the password. Sometimes you can grab an extra space when copying from the e-mail.

Have you tried logging in more than three times?

If you're a Card Holder/Reviewer, your approver now has the capability to reset your password! If they are unavailable, click here to get help from the PCard Help Desk.

Have you confirmed you are entering the Organization ID and user ID as listed in the e-mail you received?

Your user ID may have changed. Refer to the e-mail you received from J.P. Morgan that contains your user ID. Additionally, neither field is case sensitive


I am attempting to create a new password but the screen is not accepting it.

Are you following the established password parameters?

Please confirm the following:

  • The new password you are trying to enter is between seven to 25 characters.
  • The password contains at least one letter.
  • The password contains at least one number.
  • The password does not contain more than three special characters. Valid special characters are: ! : ~ _ - { }
  • The password is case sensitive.

The password is not the same as your user ID.

After creating my password and clicking 'Next' I am receiving an error and cannot log in again?

The only special characters that can be used in your password are:

  • !
  • :
  • ~
  • -
  • {
  • }

Any other special characters entered in the password will result in an error message and you will be locked out of PaymentNet. I can help you unlock your account and reset your password.


I successfully logged in, but I am now getting a machine registration request again.

Have you changed computers?

If no, see the next item.

If yes, because you are logging in to PaymentNet with a different machine, you will be asked to register your login credentials on the new computer.

Do you clear your cookies, cache and temporary Internet browser files or run a program such as ccleaner?

Each time you do this, you will need to re-register your machine. To avoid this, change your Internet browser setting so these items are not cleared.


The drop-down lists don't work.

If you're using Internet Explorer, try clicking in the Compatibility View icon on the URL bar

Compatibility View


Now I'm seeing an error message in a brown notification box.

Browser message

This message can be ignored. Click on the Don't show me this message again box and it will disappear.


New Features

  • Transaction Approvers can now reset their Card Holder Passwords!
    • If a user within your department hierarchy needs their password reset, they can contact their approver rather than the PCard Help Desk.
    • To change an employee password:
      • Select Employees > Manage
      • In the User ID column, click the link to the employee that needs their password reset.
      • Click the User Access tab
      • Click Change Password to expand the content and show the details
      • Assign the Temporary Password and re-enter
      • Click Save
      • Communicate the Temporary Password to your user


What is PaymentNet?

PaymentNet is the online system used to view and manage your Western Purchasing Card (PCard).

Why an updated platform?

PaymentNet 4 delivers state-of-the-art technology designed to help increase efficiencies in your daily operations.

What to Expect
  • This transition will not affect the use of your Western PCard. You may continue to use the card as normal.
  • Your current information will transition from PaymentNet to PaymentNet 4 and will be available to you Monday morning after the migration.
  • During the weekend of the transition, you will be unable to access PaymentNet.
  • After the transition is complete, you will receive your PaymentNet User IDs and passwords via e-mail from
  • The PaymentNet 4 logon process is different from PaymentNet.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:

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