Welcome to Travel & Expense Management (TEM)

This page is the offical online source for information about the new TEM system. If you have been selected to start using TEM to process your travel authorizations and reimbursements or if you are someone who is approving someone else's travel that is being processed through TEM, you are in the right place.

If you are looking for travel information and aren't using TEM just yet, you'll want to go back to the main Travel Services website for information relevant to you. If you're not sure whether you're supposed to be using TEM to process your travel, contact Travel Services at x3341 or via email at Travel.Services@wwu.edu. Otherwise, use the links on left side of your screen to get to more TEM information and resources.

TEM Support Announcements

Date Announcement Info Files
3.22.2014 Nolij Web Upgrade

On March 22nd, Nolij Web was upgraded.  After the upgrade, your Nolij display will initially look a little different.  This announcement shows how to restore your default display.

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9.12.2013 Bellingham Travel and Budget Maximums

Instructions on how to record Bellingham Travel and what options are available for department budget limits.

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9.12.2013 Workarounds for "Account code is required" Error

If you are in the General Information window, trying to enter both a Fast Index and an Activity code on the default funding string, you will get an “Account code is required” error.  There are two possible workarounds for this problem – this announcement explains how to do both of them.
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6.26.2013 Accessing TEM, Nolijweb, and Workflow from Off-Campus

Several people have asked if TEM, Nolijweb, and Workflow can be accessed from off-campus locations. In all cases, the answer is yes, but sometimes you need an extra tool to be able to do it. In those cases, that extra tool is a VPN connection. This announcement explains when a VPN connection is required to access a resource from off-campus and how to get VPN access if needed.
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5.1.2013 Budget Authority Approver FAQ now available

This announcement addresses frequently asked questions related to budget authority approvers for TEM documents.
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4.30.2013 Changes to TEM expense items coming May 8th

The State of Washington requires us to differentiate between in-state and out-of-state expenses for airfare, meals, and lodging. This has resulted in some changes to the list of expense items Travelers and Delegates use to fill out their TAs and TRs. This announcement futher explains these changes and how they will affect TEM users.
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