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E-Procurement FAQ

General Information

What is Western Marketplace?

Western Marketplace is an on-line shopping site featuring suppliers and special contract pricing.

What is the advantage of using the Marketplace?

  • Substantial savings due to contract pricing
  • Electronic routing and approval process
  • Fast turnaround by vendors
  • Order traceability and transparency
  • Minimize monthly Pcard reconciliation efforts
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Supports campus sustainability goals

Is training available?

Yes, in addition, user guides and short videos are located on the Business Services website. Campus training will be held periodically and team/individual training is available by request.

Can the site be used for personal purchases?

No, this site is for business purchases only..

How can I get a supplier added to the site?

Send an email to the Purchasing Department with the supplier name and contact information.

Can I buy anything in the supplier catalogs through this site?

Yes, but approval for any Restricted Items must follow University guidelines and policies.

Login & Access

I can't access Western Marketplace

There may be a few reasons why you can't access Western Marketplace:

  • You may not have a profile set up for the Western Marketplace
  • You might have changed your Universal Password

Contact the Western Marketplace System Administrator (360)650-2430

What is the best browser to run Western Marketplace?

Western Marketplace operates best when using Chrome, Firefox, IE (version 11, 10 or 9) or Safari. Currently Western Marketplace does not run on Edge.

When I select the supplier catalog, it says it is it is connecting to the suppliers’ website and then nothing happens. What is wrong with the catalog?

To access suppliers' punch out website, your pop-up blocker must be disabled.

There are two possible reasons why you are having problems:

  1. If pop-up blocker is not disabled, this could prevent you from getting on the supplier website. Check to make sure pop-up block is disabled, adjust if necessary, and try again. If you need assistance disabling pop-up blockers, contact your IT Support or ATUS 360-650-3333.
  2. There are times a supplier site is busy and the connection can take up to 20-30 seconds.

If you are still having trouble after you have disabled pop-up blocker, contact the Marketplace System Administrator 360-650-2430.


Can I add different items from different suppliers to my shopping cart at one time?

Yes, absolutely.

Can I add items to my cart and complete my order another day?

Yes, you can add items to your cart, and checkout later.

Can I set up a “Favorite Shopping List” for recurring items?

Yes. This is done on each vendor site if the vendor has the capability. Look for a link on their site, usually named "Favorites", "Frequently Ordered Items", etc.

Check Out

If I have special instructions for a vendor, what should I do?

Check with Purchasing 360-650-3340.

Can I still change my order once it is on the Checkout page?


What are internal notes and attachments in checkout used for?

Internal notes and attachments are for documenting additional information regarding your order and are only seen by Western users.

How do I see the detail of my order on the checkout page?

At the checkout tab, your order will be in summary format or what we call the “header level.” If you want to view the individual lines, click the small blue triangle located on the top left side of the transaction number. This will expand to show all lines associated with this order.

screenshot of eprocurement screen, with an arrow pointing to the expand icon

Will I receive an order confirmation or shipment receipt?

You will receive an email confirmation from when your purchase order is sent to the vendor. The vendor is responsible for emailling their order confirmation, shipping confirmation and/or receipt. Some suppliers do not have the capability to send notices.


What if my transaction is disapproved or rejected by my approver?

An order can be returned by your approver for a number of reasons:

  • The budget may not be available
  • The account code could be wrong
  • The commodity code is incorrect

You will receive an email indicating that your order has been rejected. You can edit the order in your checkout area.

Read the internal notes to see why the order was returned, make any necessary changes and then request approval again by selecting the green request button.


What is the receive tab? Why is Accounts Payable asking me to receive orders?

The receive tab is where campus users are required to receive items online.

Accounts Payable can only pay our vendors when items and/or services were actually received. For Western Marketplace, the receive tab is how Accounts Payable confirms that items/services have been received.

My order was partially received – where is the rest of my order?

Contact the vendors Customer Service.

Do I receive a partial order in the Marketplace or should I wait?

You should Receive items online in the Marketplace as you receive them. Suppliers normally invoice items as they ship. Receiving on the system will ensure timely payment.

My order was delivered, but I have not received it online in the Marketplace because an item is damaged. What do I do?

Promptly contact the vendor's Customer Service and obtain a return authorization (RMA). There is a very short time frame after delivery to report damaged items.

Do I receive a damaged order in the Marketplace?

No, do not receive the item in the Marketplace. Add an Internal Note on the order that the item was returned because of damage.

What about the PO for the damaged item?

If the item will be replaced leave the PO open. If the order will be cancelled, make an internal note. An Encumbrance Liquidation esign form must be completed to liquidate or close the Banner PO.

I received more items than I ordered on the PO.  What do I do?

The Marketplace is not set up to allow you to receive more items than you ordered.

Contact the vendor’s Customer Service to arrange return of the additional/incorrect item.

If you wish to keep the “extra” item and receive it online, contact the Marketplace System Administrator 360-650-2430 who will walk you through the online receiving process.

I received a duplicate order, what do I do?

Contact the vendor’s Customer Service to arrange for a return.

What do I do with the Packing List?

If a packing list is provided by the vendor, you need to scan and attach the electronic copy to the Marketplace order and verify that it is legible. Once scanned, you may discard the original paper document.

What if a Packing List was not included?

If a packing list is not included with your order, make an Internal Note on the order stating that the items were received and a Packing List was not included with the order.


I have an item on backorder - I want to know the status of the order?

Contact the vendor's Customer Service for its status. The PO will stay open in Western Marketplace and Banner.

How do I cancel my backorder and close out my PO?

Contact the vendor's Customer Service and ask them to cancel the backorder. Complete the Encumbrance Liquidation eSign form. Purchasing or Accounting Services will close the original Banner PO and liquidate the encumbrance.

I have an item or items on backorder - I want to cancel the backorder. What do I do?

Contact the vendor's Customer Service. Several of the online catalog sites (Office Depot B&H, others) also allow you to contact customer service online.

If you cancel the order with the supplier, make an Internal Note on the order.

Purchase Orders

How long will the Marketplace PO remain open in ESM?  Who monitors this?

A Marketplace PO will stay "Open" until Accounts Payable (AP) pays and closes the order.

What about the encumbrance or Banner PO?

A PO will remain encumbered in Banner until AP pays the order. Small dollar encumbrances on Banner PO's will automatically be closed at fiscal year-end.

An Encumbrance Liquidation esign form must be completed to liquidate or close the Banner PO.


How do I ship an order back?

The vendor should arrange for pick-up. If not, and you need assistance with shipping the item, contact Western Mail Services360-650-3770 or Transport Services 360-650-3546.

My order was received and has been paid but is damaged? What now?

Contact the vendor's Customer Service, to ask for a return authorization. If the order or item will be replaced at no charge, you will need to monitor the order to make sure you receive the replacement.

If there is a charge for the replacement item or the order will be canceled, ask the vendor to send a credit memo to Accounts Payable. The department will need to review their budget reports for the credit entry to the account.

I received my order but I no longer want it. What do I do?

Contact the customer service department. Each supplier has a different Return Policy.  Asking for a return must be handled timely.

If the supplier will take the return, close the Marketplace PO# and complete an Encumbrance Liquidation esign form for the original PO.

Documentation Guidelines

What documentation do I need to keep?

There is no requirement to print and file a hard copy of the order and PO since all the information is available online,.

Important Note: Be aware that orders not originating from the Western Marketplace (e.g., PCard purchases and paper PO's) are still subject to the existing University's Hard Copy Filing Retention policies. Different divisions may also have their own specific requirements or procedures in record keeping. Consult your Directors, Managers, Colleges' Operations Mangers and Department Managers for your specific divisional record keeping requirements.

Customer Service

Where is my order?

Contact the Vendor's Customer Service. Contact information is listed on the Vendor website.

Escalate to Business Services 360-650-3340if response is unsatisfactory

Who monitors the shipment delivery dates?

Your department should monitor delivery dates. You may use Order Summary in Western Marketplace or contact the vendor’s customer service department.

Status definitions:

  • Submitted to Supplier – the order was sent to the Supplier and you are waiting for the shipment to arrive.
  • Partially received - you have received some of the items but not all.
  • Received – the order has been completely received but AP has not yet paid.
  • Received and Closed - the order has been received, AP has paid the order and has closed the PO.

If you have any additional questions, contact Business Services 360-650-3340.