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Cancelling an order: If the Marketplace order status is:
Unsubmitted Transaction - You can delete the line(s). Once all lines are deleted the order will no longer exist.
Pending Approval-Ask the Approver to reject (return) the order to you. You can then delete the line(s).
Submitted to Supplier - Call the customer service number as soon as possible. Verify the supplier will stop the order from being shipped. Add an internal note to the order or line item about cancellation. Close the line (or order) in ESM receiving tab. Submit an encumbrance liquidation e-sign form. If the order ships, arrange a return and ask for a credit memo to be sent to AP.
Vendor Damage Goods Duplicate Order Customer Service Contact Rep Other Info
Ace Hardware Vendor pays Vendor pays (360) 933-4686-Amy Zweller
30 day return policy; power tools that have gas/oil need to go through warranty, but Ace will assist with the process
Apple, Inc. Vendor error they pay; customer error we pay Vendor error they pay; customer error we pay (800) 800-2775 Randy Wright: 1-512-674-2685: rwright@apple.com 30 day return policy; must be unopened, Apple Return form must be filled out
B&H Vendors pays Vendor error they pay; customer error we pay (800) 221-5743 or (800)942-8214 miriamf@bhphoto.com andrewz@bhphoto.com Miriam Friedman: miriamf@bhphoto.com Andrew Zeitz:andrewz@bhphoto.com 30 day no questions asked return policy
CDW Damaged packages should be refused upon delivery or contact customer relations.  Customer pays for shipping cost and of replacement/exchanges. Customer pays (866) 782-4239 or returns@cdwg.com Melissa Neuman: 877-698-5223: melineu@cdwg.com 15 day return policy
Commercial Office Interiors Call vendor and they will work with us using the manufacturer's warranty Vendor confirms order to avoid this issue (206) 577-5792 or stinnetta@coiseattle.com or Jaquelyn Kulish (206)448-7333 Toni Stinnett: 253-314-1396: stinnetta@coiseattle.com No return policy
Connection (previously GovConnection) Damaged packages should be refused upon delivery. If damaged package is accepted, carrier should note on receipt. Any hidden or internal damage must be reported within 7 days of receipt. Customer error we pay return freight, a 15% restock fee, and we would generate an RMA and return instructions so the credit would be applied to the correct amount.  Vendor error they will provide a prepaid return label and full credit would be applied. (888) 213-0259 or customercare@govconnection.com Tom Kearney: 800-800-0019 x75524: thomas.kearney@connection.com 30 day return policy; returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee and return must be approved
Dell Vendors pays and will issue a credit or exchange Call with order number and vendor will send return shipping label (800) 433-9014 Elizabeth Bromley: 512-513-9086: Elizabeth.Bromley@dell.com 30 day return policy; software may not be returned
Fastenal Vendors pays Vendor Pays (360) 715-1804  Customer Service, Eric McKenna: 507-494-3812: emckenna@fastenal.com Unopened and unused, no charge, but would like explanation.
Fisher Scientific Vendors pays for return in original box Vendor error they pay freight; customer error we pay freight (800) 766-7000 Robin Dyche: 206-214-7438: Robin.Dyche@thermofisher.com 10 day return policy; must be in original box
Grainger Depends on product Vendor error they pay freight; customer error we pay freight (877) 202-2592 or eprocustomercare@grainger.com Jesse Aguilar: 425-231-9768: Jesus.Aguilar@grainger.com Sold on a "Final Sale" basis.  No cancellations, returns, refunds, or credits allowed
Hardware Sales Vendor pays freight.  If it is a stock item, you may refuse delivery and send items back with the driver. Vendor pays freight.  If it is a stock item, you may refuse delivery and send items back with the driver. Amy.m@hardwaresales.net Amy Mullen: Amy.m@hardwaresales.net Deliveries are made on Tuesday and Thursday. If you want additional stock items, please email Debbie.Kirpatrick@wwu.edu.
Keeney's Vendor pays and picks up Vendor pays and picks up (877) 743-7252 or (425) 556-1734 Jill Cooper: jillc@keeneys.com 30 day return policy; pickup up Monday and Wednesday
Medline View Medline return page http://www.wwu.edu/bservices/eprocure/returns-medline.shtml View Medline return page http://www.wwu.edu/bservices/eprocure/returns-medline.shtml (800) 307-8386 Joe Abbott: 206-412-2198: Jabbott@medline.com Products must be returned within 90 days of purchase.
NewEgg Call for an RMA and prepaid shipping label Customer error, we pay return shipping but do not pay restocking fees 888-482-6678 Patrick Cho (626)271-1321 X:22547 Patrick.P.Cho@neweggbusiness.com Each product has a defined Warranty and Return policy.  Usually a restocking fee applies on returns.
Office Depot Vendors pays for return Vendor error they pay; customer error we pay (888) 777-4044 Austen Cousans: 206-457-7154: austen.cousans@officedepot.com 30 day return policy; special orders may not be returned or exchanged
Open Square Vendor Error, they pay for return Watch incoming orders to avoid duplicates, Vendor error they pay, if order is wrong vendor pays retunr (206) 768-8000 Robyn Walker: 206-768-1586: rwalker@open-sq-com 60% re-stocking fee if customer is at fault; can make order  changes for about three day period after order is placed; if order is made wrong vendor pays for return
Staples (previously Coastwide) Call vendor and they will replace at no charge Vendor pays 888-200-0656 30 day rerun plociy; subject to a 15% restocking fee (closed cases only if item is not sold as a separate unit)
VWR Int'l Inspect shipment on delivery.  If damaged, show driver and have him note on receipt; if damage is noticed after box Is open, request an inspection within 24 hours of delivery. Vendor reserves the right to repair damaged product where applicable before replacement or credit is issued. Customer error we pay 15% restock fee; vendor error no charge (800) 932-5000 or Contact Us link or Click to Chat button Lauren O'Sullivan: 630-524-8136: Lauren.OSullivan@VWR.com 60 day return policy; subject to a 15% restocking charge; customer is responsible for all transportation fees
Waxie Vendor error, the pay for retunr, if something is salvageable you can keep no charge No charge return Hannah Cho: 425-291-1700: hcho@waxie.com Hannah Cho: 425-291-1700: hcho@waxie.com Most returns 30-90-days, Chemicals may have a different return policy call for information. Special orders are 25% restocking fee
Workpointe They receive product first so they take care of damage before it gets to us They do their best to avoid this, but it would be on a case to case basis to resolve in the most fair way 206-763-4030 Kylee Westmark: 206-774-6884: Kylee@workpointe.com Products are made to order; make exceptionf for certain situations; 5-day if they had to set a policy for returns
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