Restricted Items

Restricted Items are those categories of purchases that must be individually approved by Purchasing before you buy them. Some items are restricted because these products or services are provided by our internal departments or other established vendors. Other classes of items are restricted because of the state restricts the purchase of these kinds of items.

Restricted Item, regardless of dollar amount, must be routed to Purchasing or the appropriate University Department as indicated. This list of restricted items is necessary to make sure we maintain compliance with state laws and regulations as well as University policies.

With prior, written approval, Purchasing may authorize PCard use for these items.

Items Restricted because of their Type

Click the item titles to find out more about why these items are restricted or what items and services the category includes.

Computer Equipment and Printers,

Why are these items restricted?

WWU has contracts established with a number of computer vendors which give us very advantageous pricing on computer hardware. Additionally, maintenance and connectivity are simplified when consistent components are used, which keeps costs and repair times down.

Equipment includes desktop and laptop computers, printers, and network components including switches, hubs, and wireless access points). Please see: How to Buy Computer Equipment and Accessories

Software, web services and hosting

Why are these items restricted?

WWU has contracts established with a number of computer software vendors which give us very advantageous pricing.

Web Services are limited because the use of these types of programs, providers, services, etc. are especially sensitive if they ask for or store information that is covered by FERPA, HIPPA or credit card security regulations.

Web services include domain names, site hosting through off campus vendors, and programs that connect to another web site that perform functions for WWU. A web service also includes hiring personnel to work on websites – from design to updates. This may include:

  • Custom coding/custom plugins
  • Site upgrades
  • Security audits
  • High performance configuration including using analytical tools
  • Hosting setup
  • Troubleshooting
  • Specialized blog permissions
  • Migration from one site to another
  • Digital signature certificates

Please see How to Buy Software and Web Services.

Foreign Purchases

This includes purchases from Canada. To make a foreign purchase first contact Purchasing by email or at 360-650-3340.

Food & Beverages (including alcohol)

Why are food and beverage items restricted?

The state closely limits the situations in which food and beverages can be bought.

Food and Beverages (including alcohol) purchased with Chart 1 funds must have an approved Coffee Light Meal and Refreshment esign form attached. Reference the Web Form # on the Purchase Order. Please see more about Buying Food & Beverages.

Furniture (new or used) & Used Equipment

Includes desks, tables, chairs, room dividers and shelving, carpeting, etc. Used Equipment includes used vehicles as well as furniture. Please see How to Buy Furniture.

Personal office or gift items

Includes decorative and gift items, such as flowers. For branded and promotional gift items, see Promo Items. For flowers or other decorative items, contact Purchasing by email or at 360-650-3340.

Chartered transportation

Includes aircraft, bus service, watercraft, and any other transportation services unless under current Western contract. Need LINK here

Purchased and Personal services

Includes services such as stage set-up and installation or repair of equipment. Personal services include organizational or analytical consultants and training. Please see How to Buy Services

Hazardous materials

Including radioactive chemicals, refrigerants, and otherwise hazardous chemicals and cleaners. Please see How to Buy Hazardous Materials.

Items Restricted Because These Services are offered Internally

To purchase these items contact Purchasing or the internal department responsible for the items or service. Click on the appropriate category to find out more.

Copier Support

Covers all self-serve copiers. Submit all requests to Copier Support, x3545.

Facility maintenance and repair

Contact the Facilities Management Office at x3749.

Locking devices and reproduction of keys

Departments must complete the Lockshop Key Request esign form and forward it to Space Administration.

Printing and copy services

All printing and Copy Center copying including book binding. Submit all requests to Print & Copy Services x3914.


All telecom and data products including cell phones, telephones, pre-paid phone cards and connection devices. Contact Telecommunications at x3600 or visit the Communication and Technical Services website.

University Communications

All graphics. Submit requests to University Communications, x2253.


Departments with transportation needs should contact the Facilities Management Vehicle Services office at x6413 to learn about available vehicle rental, lease, and purchase options.


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