Air Travel

Please remember that before you make any financial commitments for your travel, employees must FIRST have an approved Travel Authorization in TEM.

If you have any questions, please contact Travel Services 650-3341 or


WWU Employees can get 20% Discounted Parking near SeaTac for business travel!

For exclusive Western Washington University benefits and discounts you must first Sign Up. Once signed up for the program:

  1. Make a reservation at WWU WallyPark SeaTac Parking Portal to redeem your discounted rate after signing up or give the cashier your business card or Western ID at the time of payment and tell them you have a corporate discount.
  2. You will be given a WallyClub card upon checkout which must be registered online.
  3. After you register your card, go to the corporate info section on the left and select your company name from the account drop down. This is ties the WWU discount to your card.

Mixing Business and Personal Travel - Airfare

When a traveler’s business flight plan is changed to include personal days, we need a written comparison flight cost estimate showing the flight WWU would have covered had the travel been only for the specific business trip.

Be sure to obtain a quote for the business travel dates and locations at the same time you purchase your actual flight and attach it to your Travel Reimbursement. Please review “Mixing Business and Personal Travel” if adding any personal time to a business trip.



How will you pay?

Airfare with Approved Travel Agencies

Travelers must have approved TA first before contacting one of the approved Agencies below. Beginning April 1st, local agencies will require a OneCard or Department Travel Card for direct billing.

Airfare with OneCard or Department Travel Card

Must have approved TA first.

  • Can purchase from any site
  • Paid Direct so no reimbursement is necessary

Airfare with personal credit card

Must have approved TA first

  • Can also purchase from any site
  • Cannot be reimbursed until after your trip

Airfare with WWU Corporate Travel Card (Personally Liable)

Must have approved TA first.

  • Can purchase from any site
  • Can be reimbursed before you travel


Fly America Act

The Fly America Act mandates the use of U.S. certificated air carriers for federally funded international travel.  Learn more.

Informative Power Point presentation from GSA.

* For more information contact: or


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