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Note: The Corporate Travel Card is NOT the same as the newly introduced Department Travel Card.


InfoWe are pleased to announce that EMV chip cards are coming to our Corporate Travel card program, beginning in October 2014! “EMV” – commonly referred to as “chip” or “chip and PIN” – is a globally accepted card standard that uses an embedded microchip to protect your purchases from counterfeit fraud.

You will be receiving an EMV chip card when your Corporate Travel card is reissued or replaced due to loss or theft. The plastic will look like your current card, and the account number will remain the same, but you will experience a whole new level of card security.

EMV chip cards are easy to use. Your new card includes both the chip and a magnetic stripe, so you’ll be able to use your card wherever [Visa/MasterCard] is accepted.

  • If a merchant hasn’t adopted EMV chip technology yet, your card will be processed just the same as it is today. It will be swiped, and you’ll sign the receipt.
  • If a merchant has adopted EMV chip technology, your card will be inserted (“dipped”) into the terminal. You’ll sign the receipt and be good to go!

The package with your new EMV chip card will also contain information about what you can expect and how to use the card. Please be sure to review this information carefully.
Although EMV chip technology is recognized around the world, it is new to many U.S.-based cardholders and merchant locations.

Chip Card General FAQ's

Chip Card PIN FAQ's for Cardholders


Basics of The Corporate Travel Visa Card

Benefits of having a WWU Corporate Travel Card

  • Eliminates the need for travel advances
  • Allows travelers to make on the spot travel related purchases
  • Allows WWU employees to directly purchase airfare
  • is issued by US Bank (the card provider).
  • is to be used for business related travel expenses only.
  • may be obtained by permanent employees only.
  • is an individual liability card, meaning, each cardholder receives the bill and makes payment directly to the credit card company.
  • cannot be used for personal purchases.
  • may be used to purchase business airfare directly with an airline.
  • is monitored by Travel Services/Accounts Payable.
  • allows the cardholder to access, review, and pay for their account online.
  • is not a good idea for people who do not travel very often, or are not frequently responsible for making travel reservations for others.

The Application

  • Complete the WWU Travel Card Application
  • needs to be signed by a supervisor.
  • should be submitted to Travel Services at MS 1420.
  • takes approximately two weeks to process (from the time Travel receives it to the time the card arrives).

Credit limits

  • are set by the card provider.
  • are established via a credit evaluation internal to the card provider which does not result in a hard hit to the cardholder's personal credit line.
  • may be increased upon approval by Travel Services and the card provider, as requested by the cardholder.
  • may be temporarily restricted, by Travel Services, if fraudulent charges, inappropriate use, or a lost card is suspected.

Access Online

Manage the Travel Card through US Bank's online Access site.


Need a reimbursements of expenses on the card?

  • should be sought via the same method as purchases made with a personal credit card.
  • may be made based on receipts, and may not have to wait for the credit card statement.
  • will not be made for personal purchases.

Termination of the Account

  • may occur if the card goes 12 months without activity.
  • may be requested by the cardholder at any time.
  • may be instigated by Travel Services for inappropriate use, or termination of employment.

Allowable Purchases

  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Airfare
  • Rental Cars
  • Registration

Prohibited Purchases

  • Personal items
  • Non-travel-related expenses
  • Non-business-related telephone calls

Public Record

All documents related to the WWU Travel Card may be fully disclosed as a public record to the extent provided for by the Public Disclosure Laws.

Account Information Transfers

If WWU contracts with another financial institution, other than the current provider, the information used to open your WWU Travel Card may be transferred using confidential and secure methods to the new provider, to give you continuous service. All other policy would continue in effect.

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