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Congratulations to our Travel Booking Tool Alaska Airlines raffle winners!

  • Horacio Walker: First Class Upgrade
  • Ethan Van Diest: Gogo in-flight WiFi pass card
  • Darius Martin: Airport lounge daypass

Thank you to all who participated in our drawing. Please see the Travel Booking Tool for more information about Western’s online booking option.

Fantastic News about Blanket TA's!

Effective immediately Blanket Travel Authorizations will no longer require a TEM Blanket TA Exception E-Sign Form. This means that setting up a blanket TA is now one step instead of two!

What is a Blanket TA?

A Blanket TA Form may be used for frequent regular travel, such as travel from Bellingham to Everett for frequent meetings. One-time travel incidents, such as a conference, will require a separate Travel Authorization. Multiple reimbursements can be filed against a blanket TA, making this option perfect for travelers who will have frequent, planned or unplanned trips.

More information can be found on the Travel Authorization page

"Non-Essential" Travel to North Carolina and Mississippi Banned

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016, Governor Jay Inslee issued an executive order placing a ban on state-funded travel to North Carolina and reaffirmed that order on April 13, 2017. Although not an executive agency, Western welcomes the opportunity to follow the leadership of Governor Inslee on the matter of state-funded travel to North Carolina. Until future notice, non-essential travel to North Carolina by faculty, staff or students will not be authorized.

On April 5, 2016, Governor Jay Inslee issued a memo to cabinet and small cabinet agencies placing a ban on non-essential state-paid travel to Mississippi.

This application is not retroactive; that is, previous travel authorizations will not be revoked. Exceptions to the WWU ban are not expected and would require approval at the vice presidential level.

Governor Inslee imposed the ban on state-funded travel to North Carolina after the passage of legislation that revokes civil rights protections for the LGBTQ community.

Change to Airfare Release Process with Local Travel Agencies

As part of an effort to streamline processes and ensure efficient and accurate billing of airfare, Travel Services will no longer release and bill tickets through our local travel agencies effective April 1st, 2016.

Departments will provide a Department Travel Card or One Card to local travel agencies to purchase tickets. Travelers may still make arrangements directly with the agents. Departments will be responsible for ensuring that appropriate authorizations for travelers are approved before requesting tickets. Departments may begin using the new process immediately.

Why are we doing this?

  • Our travel agencies are limited to certain airlines because we are currently using a ghost card. In some cases a Purchase Order is needed to reimburse agencies for purchases they bill to their company cards for international flights. Physical cards will have more flexibility for billing.
  • Travel Services is currently assigning budgets based on information provided in forms and using three or four systems to do this. When departments enter the budget directly it reduces the potential for error.
  • Processes for airfare purchases are currently inconsistent. Travelers using a One Card or personal card do not currently require ticket releases from Travel Services. Ensuring that processes are consistent regardless of purchase method will reduce confusion and anxiety for travelers.

How does this affect interview candidates or guest bookings?

  • Interview candidates or guests can still make arrangements directly with the agencies. Departments may provide travel agencies with a list of expected travelers to bill to their card. In addition, departments will receive the itineraries and invoices for these bookings directly.

How do I know which card I need? What’s the difference between a OneCard and a Department Travel Card? What’s happening with the Corporate Travel Cards?

  • Either a Department Travel Card or a One Card will cover your airfare ticket at the Travel Agencies. OneCards can be used to purchase goods/services and travel. Department Travel Cards are limited to travel only. Both are reconciled in JPMorgan’s PaymentNet.
  • US Bank Corporate Travel Card cardholders are responsible for paying the card bill every month and must request reimbursement for purchases placed on the card. Current Corporate Travel Cardholders are encouraged to consider replacing it with a OneCard.
  • How to Obtain a Western OneCard or Department Travel Card.
  • OneCard Information
  • Department Travel Card Information


Please contact Travel Services 650-3341 if you have questions regarding your advance before making your payment.

Travel Advance Repayment

Travelers who need to repay an unused advance must now pay with check or credit card online at WWU Travel Advance CashNet. Travelers who choose to pay with cash may still make payments in the Student Business Office. The Student Business Office will not accept checks or credit cards for advance repayments. This change allows travelers to make payments remotely and also prevents payments from posting to the incorrect fund.

Please contact Travel Services 650-3341 if you have questions regarding your advance before making your payment.

Mixing Business and Personal Travel - Airfare

To ensure your airfare is reimbursed easily, please be sure to obtain a quote for the business travel dates and locations if you are adding personal days onto your flight. Please review “Mixing Business and Personal Travel” if adding any personal time to a business trip.

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