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Travel Services is excited to announce SAP Concur as the replacement Travel and Expense Management solution. SAP Concur offers Western a best-in-class platform that connects travel, expense, and risk into one, simple to use solution. SAP Concur meets the needs of Western today, but also provides Western the ability to scale as needs change in the future.

About SAP Concur:

The SAP Concur platform helps connect travel, expense, and risk management solutions into a single platform that provides abundant insight into faculty, staff, student, athletics, and guest travel. The SAP Concur platform simplifies processes, adapts to how work is conducted and delivers timely information to help manage spending while streamlining the overall end-to-end process, including risk mitigation of travelers (Duty of Care).

SAP Concur currently partners with more than 40,000 clients worldwide, including 400 institutions of higher education. As well, they’ve built their business for the past 24 years on the foundation around travel, expense management, invoicing, and risk management which includes a dedicated SAP Concur Higher Ed Team to service and support Western.

With SAP Concur’s user-friendly configurable rules engine, Western will benefit from a best-in-class travel and expense solution designed to meet its unique and growing travel needs.

"Non-Essential" Travel to North Carolina and Mississippi Banned

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016, Governor Jay Inslee issued an executive order placing a ban on state-funded travel to North Carolina and reaffirmed that order on April 13, 2017. Although not an executive agency, Western welcomes the opportunity to follow the leadership of Governor Inslee on the matter of state-funded travel to North Carolina. Until future notice, non-essential travel to North Carolina by faculty, staff or students will not be authorized.

On April 5, 2016, Governor Jay Inslee issued a memo to cabinet and small cabinet agencies placing a ban on non-essential state-paid travel to Mississippi.

This application is not retroactive; that is, previous travel authorizations will not be revoked. Exceptions to the WWU ban are not expected and would require approval at the vice presidential level.

Governor Inslee imposed the ban on state-funded travel to North Carolina after the passage of legislation that revokes civil rights protections for the LGBTQ community.

Mixing Business and Personal Travel - Airfare

To ensure your airfare is reimbursed easily, please be sure to obtain a quote for the business travel dates and locations if you are adding personal days onto your flight. Please review “Mixing Business and Personal Travel” if adding any personal time to a business trip.

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