Employment Status Survey of Recent Graduates

Thank you for taking part in our Employment Status Survey. Although this survey will only take you a few minutes to complete, the information you provide us about your current employment status is extremely important. Whether your career plans are firmly in place at this time or you are still in the process of determining what you will be doing after WWU, we encourage you to complete the survey. The survey results will prove incredibly valuable to future students wondering what happens to graduates in their major - where are they working, what are the average salaries, how many go to graduate school, and so on.

Your answers will remain completely confidential. Your name or other personally identifying information will not be attached in any way to the answers you provide when the data is compiled. Maintaining the integrity of the responses we receive is of primary importance, not only to assure you that your privacy will be respected, but also to ensure that the data are as inclusive and accurate as possible.

Please click on the appropriate link below to begin. If you have any questions, comments or problems accessing the survey, please submit the feedback form. Thanks once again for your valuable participation.

Tina Loudon, Director
Academic & Career Development Services

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Page Updated 11.22.2017