Winter Career Fair 2018

February 8, 2018
11 am to 3 pm
Wade King Rec Center MAC Gym

Career Services Center Winter Fair

Why you should come!

Whether it is your first quarter at Western or your last, a career fair is an invaluable opportunity to work on networking skills, learn about employers and gather information about internships and jobs. Why go?

  • To make a good (or GREAT!) first impression in person
  • To get the name and information of a real human at an organization you may want to intern at or work for
  • To learn more about employers than you can online
  • To learn how real world jobs and internships are not organized by major and explore what students with your degree can do in various organizations
  • To be considered for internships or jobs that they may currently have posted (do your research!)
  • To practice your networking skills in person with people who interview and make hiring decisions

If there is even one organization or industry you are interested in, you have a reason to go!

Job and Internship Listings:

Please click HERE to view jobs and internships visiting employers are hiring for!

Preparing for a Career Fair

Participating Companies

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