Emergency Resources

Department of Labor

The Office of Disability Employment Policy within the Department of Labor developed this website with emergency preparedness information for employers, per Executive Order 13347, which created an Interagency Council to facilitate cooperation among federal, state, local and tribal governments, private organizations and individuals in the implementation of emergency preparedness plans as they relate to individuals with disabilities.


A comprehensive online source of information for people with disabilities on government related projects and resources, including emergency preparation, as part of the New Freedom Initiative which directed federal agencies to work together to build a one-stop interagency Web portal for people with disabilities, their families, employers, service providers and community members.

Emergency Preparedness

A website developed by the Interagency Coordinating Council on Emergency Preparedness and Individuals with Disabilities which provides information on how people with, or without, disabilities can prepare for an emergency.


From the Department of Homeland Security, this website provides information for people with disabilties, including checklists and a downloadable brochure, on how to develop a plan and what to put in an emergency kit.

Washington State Department of Health

The Department of Health provides services and information to Washington state residents, including resources in Spanish, that assist people with disabilities and the general public with emergency preparedness.

Page Updated 11.22.2017