Academic Accommodations

Flexibility with Attendance

disAbility Resources for Students (DRS) encourages students to attend class regularly. Faculty should establish attendance policies for their courses and identify those policies in the syllabus. If a student has a disability that impacts their ability to attend class, a flexibility with attendance accommodation may be granted by DRS. There are many reasons a disability may impact attendance, ranging from episodic health complications to required travel and medical appointments to manage ongoing treatment and/or care. This accommodation may be personalized to suit individual situations, in which case faculty should expect a more detailed accommodation memo from a DRS counselor.

Typically, course attendance policies depend on the type of participation required of the course, departmental policy, faculty judgment, method of lecture, and scheduled experiential activities (such as labs). Therefore, attendance policies are set at the faculty, department, or college level. Faculty are not required to modify essential course requirements in order to provide an accommodation.

When attendance is a fundamental requirement of a course, the student with a disability must work proactively with faculty to determine the maximum amount of absences possible. If a student is absent for a disability-related reason, we recommend that they contact faculty via email as soon as possible to document this absence. Students with a flexibility with attendance accommodation authorized by DRS are not required to submit notes from their healthcare providers for individual disability-related absences unless the number of absences begin to compromise the fundamental requirements of the course. If a student begins to miss more than a reasonable amount of class, they should seek advising from their disAbility Management and Accommodation Counselor. If faculty observe that a student with a flexibility with attendance accommodation is missing more than a reasonable number of class meetings, they should contact DRS.

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