While we aim to partner with parents in many ways, our primary commitment is to preserving the privacy of our interactions with students. We encourage parents to engage with their students in open and honest communication regarding their college experience.

DisAbility Resources for Students operates under several pillars of confidentiality guidelines. A student's legal status changes once they transition from the K-12 system to the Post-Secondary education system. Some things for family members to keep in mind:

  • Without a release of information form, professionals in DRS cannot discuss or disclose your student's academic standing or progress.
  • The content of student appointments are protected by confidentiality laws. You may wish to share information about your student with a counselor, but understand that the counselor may not reciprocate.
  • It is up to your student to share whether or not they are receiving accommodations from DRS, and what those accommodations are.
  • When you or your student provides DRS with medical documentation, a 504, an IEP, or any other disAbility related information, it is filed and processed in a confidential manner.
  • Once your student either leaves or graduates from WWU, all documentation is destroyed after five years.
  • Medical practitioners will not disclose diagnostic information to DRS without a release of information from the patient or client.

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Page Updated 11.22.2017