Alternative Text

Welcome! Our alternative text program provides students with different formats for course texts, articles, and other materials. General inquiries regarding alternative text may be sent to Brenda Kotewa.

If you have not already signed up for priority registration, make an appointment with a DRS accommodations counselor to do so. The alternative text accommodation qualifies students for priority registration at WWU. Priority registration enables students to submit their textbook requests three weeks before classes start.

Note: the minimum turn around for requested alternative text material is two weeks.

Online Resources for Alternative Text

Below is a list of online resources available to students needing alternative formats of course materials, including textbooks. Exploring these websites and using these resources for your alternative text can jump start access to your textbooks!

Some of these websites provide free electronic formats. For other websites, you can actually purchase your textbook in an electronic format from the get-go. However, be sure that the format you purchase is accessible. An Accommodations Counselor in DRS can help you determine if the format is going to meet your academic needs.

Page Updated 05.08.2015