Transportation Safety

Transportation safety is very important at Western. Respect and consideration for others is a critical requirement for having different modes of transportation mix within a congested campus environment. The safety of pedestrians and cyclists depends on every person being careful and aware of their surroundings. Every person is strongly urged to watch out for the safety of others, especially those persons using modes that are more vulnerable to get to and around campus. 


Pedestrians are defined by University policy as any person who is afoot or who is using a wheelchair, a powered wheelchair or a powered scooter for persons with disabilities. All other modes of transportation must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians. However, being the most vulnerable mode of transportation, pedestrians are urged to be aware of their surroundings and not to expect or assume that other transportation modes, such as bicyclists, skateboarders and motorists, will yield the right-of-way to them.


Bicycles are an essential component of a sustainable transportation system, providing safe and equitable access to and around campus. They are a preferred form of transportation in the University’s Institutional Master Plan. Bicycle use also encourages the reduction of commute trips among employees who drive single occupancy vehicles to, from, and/or on campus.

Bicyclists, please honor the campus "Walk Zone" signs!


The University recognizes the use of these or similar devices as sustainable, alternative forms of transportation. They are easily portable, require little if any storage space, and provide the user relatively fast, energy-efficient transportation and equitable access to and/or around campus.

Users of skateboards or similar devices must use caution when riding or skating on campus. Especially in high traffic pedestrian areas, riders must keep in mind that they must yield the right-of-way pedestrians and that the safety of WWU pedestrians is vital.

Skateboarders, please honor the campus "Walk Zone" signs!

Bus Riders

Riding the bus is safe, convenient, affordable and sustainable!


For more on safe and sustainable transportation options, visit Sustainable Transportation at WWU!

Page Updated 11.22.2017