University-wide Policies, Procedures, & Tasks

POL-U5410.04 Drug & Alcohol Testing For U.S. Department of Transportaion Compliance
POL-U5950.01 Health, Safety, & Environmental Protection
PRO-U5950.01A Custodial Eye Protection
PRO-U5950.01B Indoor Air Quality
PRO-U5950.01D Dangerous Waste Management Training
PRO-U5950.01I Response to Workspace Heat Concerns
TSK-U5950.01A Fire Watch Duties

Confined Space

PRO-U5950.02A Entering Confined Spaces - Fairhaven Tunnels

Preparing for and Responding to University Emergencies

POL-U5950.04 Fines Arising from Environmental Health & Safety Citations

Lockout-Tagout for Control of Hazardous Energy

POL-U5950.06 Hazardous Materials
POL-U5950.07 Bloodborne Pathogens (Human Blood, Blood Products, & Specimens)

Office Fire Safety


Office Fire Safety

POL-U5950.09 Waste Reduction & Recycling
POL-U5950.10 Providing Workers' Compensation and Transitional Return-to-Work
PRO-U5950.10A Implementing Workers' Compensation
PRO-U5950.10B Implementing Workers' Compensation Transitional Return-to-Work(RTW)
POL-U5950.12 Smoking or Using Vaporizing Devices
POL-U5950.13 Accessing Workers' Compensation Claim Information
PRO-U5950.13A Accessing Workers' Compensation Claim Information
POL-U5950.16 Managing Refrigerant
Un-numbered Pandemic Policy
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