Al's' 23-year-old son, Scott, was one of three UW-Stout students who died in an off-campus house fire on April 5, 2008, while they slept in separate upstairs bedrooms of a duplex at 1415 Eighth St. E. in Menomonie. The blaze was reported at 3:30 a.m.; within 23 minutes the three were pronounced dead at a local hospital ... Read More
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Information, facts, and tips about fire safety in the kitchen.

Burnt Sink Statistics:
  • Cooking is the 2nd leading cause of student residence fires
  • Most cooking fires are caused by multitasking when cooking
  • Between 2002-2005 cooking equipment was involved in 72% of student residence fires
Oven Fire Fire-Prevention Tips
  • Make sure you use fire-resistant potholders and oven mitts when cooking
  • Keep towels, dishrags, and curtains away from hot surfaces
  • Beware of solvents and flammable cleaners in the kitchen.  Brands like Nora Systems, Winsol, and Simple Green are non-flammable and may be safer.  You can also make your own cleaning supplies with simple recipes like those found at ecocycle
  • Keep surfaces clean of grease
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy and know how to use it, there is not enough time to find the instruction booklet or study the directions when there’s a fire.
    • For more information on what type of fire extinguisher to buy and where to install the unit click here
  • Do NOT heat liquids in the microwave for more than 2 minutes and stir before heating. After heating allow liquid to stand for 30 seconds before moving or putting anything into it.
  • Turn pot handles inward so they can’t be bumped
  • Do NOT disable smoke alarms or smoke detectors, even if the beeping sound is irritating
  • Make the meal you are preparing the number 1 priority while in the kitchen

Pan Fire How to deal with a Kitchen Fire
  • NEVER pour water onto a grease fire. Slide a pan lid over the flames to smother it, then turn off the heat and leave until pan cools.  Use baking soda to extinguish all other types of food fires.
  • In case of a cooking fire call the fire department immediately, calling 9-1-1 will give you emergency services
  • Keep the oven door shut in case of a fire and turn off the heat