Al's' 23-year-old son, Scott, was one of three UW-Stout students who died in an off-campus house fire on April 5, 2008, while they slept in separate upstairs bedrooms of a duplex at 1415 Eighth St. E. in Menomonie. The blaze was reported at 3:30 a.m.; within 23 minutes the three were pronounced dead at a local hospital ... Read More

The information on fire safety may seem common-sense and many students admit that elementary school was the last time they received formal education on the subject. However, there are many developments that you should be aware of regarding legislation, fire safety tips and tricks, and some newsletters on fire safety topics.

Be Careful With Matches
Smoke Alarm

Pending campus fire safety legislation

H. Res 295 and S. Res 224 House and Senate Resolutions
These resolutions will formally designate September 2006 as Campus Fire Safety Month. In 2005, 11 states issued proclamations, including:

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
South Carolina

S 1196 Campus Fire Safety Right to Know Act
Six Cosponsors in the Senate
This legislation has passed in the U.S. House of Representatives

This legislation will have schools provide existing information about fire safety on their campuses to the U.S. Department of Education, similar to the reporting requirements for crimes under the Clery Act. This will provide a wealth of information for parents and students when they are researching schools and help to educate them about important fire safety issues.

HR 128 College Fire Prevention Act
Cosponsors - 101 House

This legislation calls for $100,000,000 per year for five years in matching funds for the installation of automatic fire sprinklers or other fire suppression or prevention technologies.

HR 1131 and S 512 Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act
Cosponsors- 162 House, 15 Senate

This legislation will reduce the depreciation schedule on the installation of an automatic fire sprinkler system from 27 years to five years, promoting the installation of these life-saving systems.

*Above information from Underwriters Laboratories

Fire Safety Links & Blogs

Promoting Fire Safety in the Metro-Phoenix Community. Includes such topics as seasonal and home fire safety as well as information on smoke detectors.

National Campus Fire Safety Month
Off-Campus Housing Initiative, includes information about landlords, creating fire safety campaigns, safety tips, inspection checklists and fraternity/sorority safety information.

National Fire Protection Agency Blog
The authority on fire, electrical, and building safety.

Boonhouse Blog
The Good & Bad of Fire Safety.

Home Fire Safety
Outdoor and Home Fire Safety.

Fire Safety Newsletters

Department of Public Safety Newsletter
Available for Download in pdf format

Campus Firewatch
Monthly newsletter in electronic format

National Fire Protection Agency
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